Fore! Fredericksburg Is One Unique Golfer’s Paradise

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Fight club: With several courses in and around town, Fredericksburg provides plenty of opportunities to work out the kinks in your game.

Many communities in Northern Virginia have golf courses, that’s a given, but how many let you play among historic relics of the Civil War? For the apartment hunter who also likes to golf, you can do a lot worse than Fredericksburg.

Lee’s Hill Golf Club is famous not only for its Bill Love-designed course but also for the fact that you can swing an iron on the same plot of land where General Lee’s men spent the winter of 1862 after the Battle of Fredericksburg, complete with historical trenches that served as homes for the soldiers. The course has been featured in The Golf Guide.

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Cannon Ridge Golf Club, featuring the Beman Course designed by Deane Beman (another private course will be built later at Cannon Ridge), has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of America’s best. It also has its share of remnants of cannon revetments, protective barriers behind which Union cannons fired down on Rebel Army troops (there are replica cannons on the course as well).

There are also two other nearby courses worth mentioning. Meadows Farms Golf Course in Locust Grove features the old Willis house, which was used as a Civil War hospital. For golf nuts and fans of the wacky, Meadows Farms sports the longest hole in the United States (an 841-yard par 6) as well as a hole shaped like a baseball field.

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The other non-Fredericksburg course alluded to is the Augustine Golf Club in Stafford. Named after George Washington’s dad, Augustine is a highly decorated course featured in the likes of Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and Golfstyles.

Last but not least is The Gauntlet Golf Club, which is located in Fredericksburg and has been featured in a number of golf publications (Golf Digest; Washington Golf Monthly, now Golfstyles). The Gauntlet Golf Club may not have an historic angle, but we decided to throw in it in anyway. Visit Apartment Showcase  for more information and apartment listings.

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