Montgomery Village a Refuge for Renters and Beavers Alike

Beavers at work

All together gnaw: Beavers can be found creating wetland habitats, improving water quality and opening up overgrown forested areas in a number of parks throughout Montgomery Village.

Montgomery Village is quite a little place.

A planned community just north of Gaithersburg, Md., Montgomery Village sits about a mile off the I-270 juggernaut. With a population of 37,694 as per the 2006-08 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimate, Montgomery Village has a whole host of things going for it.

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As towns go, it’s still a spring chicken, with 1967 being the year its first residents moved in. In fact, Montgomery Village is still younger than many of its residents, some by a lot. One great thing about newer towns is that they’re clean; planned communities by their very nature are tidy. That’s one plus right out of the gate.

Number two is location, location, location. OK, that’s three things, but it’s that important. Living in Montgomery Village, you’re not only close enough for a commute to the capital and its inner suburbs (particularly the ones in Maryland) but also to Frederick, which is less than 30 miles to your northwest. Add the fact that Lakeforest Mall – housing stores like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor and Sears – is practically at your doorstep (though with a Gaithersburg address), and the picture of a new apartment in Montgomery Village gets even clearer.

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Then you get around to some of the exquisite features of the community itself … four community centers, seven pools, 22 tennis courts, 18 recreation and park areas, a natural amphitheater, nature center and Lake Whetstone, where you can rent boats during boating season.

Now you’re thinking, “OK, OK, I give. Montgomery Village looks like a fabulous place to rent!” But like the man on the tube at 2 a.m. hawking Ginsu knives, there’s more! (How could there not be?)

Instead of a useless plastic food slicer-dicer, when you move to Montgomery Village, you get beavers – so many that there’s an official Montgomery Village Foundation Beaver Conflict Resolution Policy (PDF).

In the animal kingdom, beavers are special. Not only are they cute, great swimmers and the second-largest members of the rodent family (though beavers don’t seem to elicit the negative responses of many of their cousins), but no less an authority than the National Geographic website says “beavers are second only to humans in their ability to manipulate and change their environment.” Just think, if they had hands like us, we might have gone the way of the dodo and our cities would look a lot different today: I see a lot of tepees and wooden structures, plentiful irrigation and lots of fur (still on the animals, even).

While beavers can be a bit of a nuisance to your trees, their benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of their occasionally gnawing teeth. The dams they build, and the ponds they create as a result, help provide habitats for many species of fish, reptiles and amphibians, all while improving water quality. (Despite the fact that Montgomery Village’s three lakes are artificial, there are streams in the area where the beavers can indeed build their dams. Regardless, beavers love the water, whether it’s flowing or not.)

Animal lovers will also be soothed to know that it’s forbidden to kill a beaver in Montgomery Village. And don’t try smacking them around, either. That’s not only disallowed, but you might lose a finger to the critter in the process!

Montgomery Village: Convenience, community, and beavers. It’s your move. Check out available apartments for rent on Apartment Showcase.

Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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