Balconies in Bloom: Gardening for Apartment Renters

Potted plants

A simple assortment of herbs can add a bit of natural color to your apartment and some zest to your next meal.

Eager to dig into the world of gardening but don’t have a backyard of your own?

As this article on points out, homeowners aren’t the only ones who can grow fresh food in their own gardens. Apartment dwellers can get their hands dirty, too.

While the relatively low-light conditions in most units will prevent you from starting an orange grove in your two-bedroom loft, there are a variety of plants that nonetheless will thrive indoors.

As noted in the article, tomato plants and various culinary herbs (such as thyme, basil and green onions) typically do very well inside. If you’re not necessarily the gourmet type and are simply looking to dress up your space, there are plenty of non-edible houseplants that you can grow, as well.

Your best bet is to maximize available sunlight by placing your plants out on the balcony. However, if no balcony space is available — or, if frigid winter temps threaten to turn your plants into plant-sicles — try positioning your sprouts near a window.

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