Dupont Circle Boasts Farmers’ Market in the Heart of the City

Organic produce market

Taste of D.C.: Farmers at FRESHFARM are local and sell only what they produce themselves, so you won’t find any Florida oranges here.

Well, who doesn’t love food?

Fruits and vegetables freshly picked, breads and pastas freshly made, tantalizing cuts of meats, the finest seafood and poultry. Ah, it does sound good right about now doesn’t it, there at your computer, either at home or at work where you’re slacking off (we know the feeling). Those moving to Dupont Circle in Northwest, D.C., will have a place to indulge themselves at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market.

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The market is the located on the 1500 block of 20th Street, between Massachusetts Avenue and Q Street, in the parking lot adjacent to PNC Bank. It’s open year-round on Sundays, rain or shine, and is just a stone’s throw away from the Q Street exit of the Dupont Circle Metro station. It’s that close.

FRESHFARM Market in Dupont Circle
1560 20th St., NW

The Dupont Circle location is FRESHFARM’s flagship, having been established way back in … 1997. The company now operates 11 farmers’ markets in the Chesapeake Bay region, with all but two in the immediate Washington, D.C., metro area (Annapolis in Anne Arundel County and St. Michaels in Talbot County are the other two), but there is something special about being the first no matter how you slice it.

Like all FRESHFARM Markets, the branch in Dupont Circle is a producer-only affair, meaning farmers may only sell what they grow, raise and make on their own farms. In addition, whenever possible, FRESHFARM tries to get producers to use local ingredients when making foods like jelly, jam and ice cream, and products like soap. You can also feel good about helping local farmers stay in business; said farmers are generally located within 150 miles of the city. During the market’s peak season, more than 30 farmers offer up fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meat, poultry, fish, fruit pies, pasta, breads, potted plants, soaps, cut flowers and herbal products. The Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market has been lauded in The Washingtonian and even The Wall Street Journal.

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Another treat at all FRESHFARM Markets is the Chef at Market program, where renowned chefs give demonstrations, tastings and even sign books for fans. The folks at FRESHFARM also have what they call their Gleaning program, where they partner with local homeless shelters and kitchens to donate leftover crops from farmers’ fields. Dupont Circle’s partner is D.C. Central Kitchen.

Not to kill you with the do-gooder aspect, but the company also sponsors FoodPrints, a school program where FRESHFARM builds an edible garden and integrates it into a local school’s curriculum so kids can learn that food doesn’t actually come from the supermarket but from a farmer’s field.

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