Queen of the Hill: A Morning in the Life of a Capitol Hill Renter


Green acres: Located just four blocks north of Eastern Market, Lincoln Park is an urban oasis for the Capitol Hill resident.

Capitol Hill is a unique neighborhood in quite a few ways.

First and foremost, it’s home to one of the most famous buildings in the world, its namesake, the United States Capitol.

Secondly, it’s home to the Supreme Court of the United States, giving the neighborhood bragging rights to two-thirds of the tripartite of power set up to govern us in the United States Constitution. That’s pretty heady stuff no matter how you slice it. (The more ballyhooed Northwest quadrant is home to the third prong of power, and he sits in the big house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.)

Thirdly, Capitol Hill is home to the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world. So maybe the neighborhood does have a tripartite of sorts, after all.

But Capitol Hill’s fourth main unique point may get overlooked a bit: It’s the city’s only major neighborhood spread out over two quadrants – Northeast and Southeast, and very evenly at that. On this blog, we’ve referred to them as Capitol Hill South and Capitol Hill North for convenience’s sake. And we haven’t even gotten around to some of the other highlights that make Capitol Hill a heck of a place to rent an apartment.

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In that light, we’re gonna give you a peek into a day in the life of a typical renter in Capitol Hill:

You wake up fairly early on Saturday in your apartment in Capitol Hill South. It’s a nice day in the fall, weather in the low 60s: perfect day for a jog, which you’ve recently taken up again.

You hightail it in the streets toward Lincoln Park and run around its perimeter, taking in all the sights and sounds associated with it: walkers; other joggers; the occasional mom or nanny pushing their strollers; a big, slow-moving basset hound with its ears nearly dragging on the ground, sleepy eyes asking himself what he did to deserve this; and a couple of yapping shih tzus with their human companions.

This last part especially makes you smile because you love dogs, and now that you’ve moved to dog-friendly Capitol Hill, you plan on going to a rescue and getting one. Soon.

There seems to be an abundance of squirrels and chipmunks around today, scurrying up trees and all over the park’s ground. And the birds, they’re chirp-chirping and flying around as if they don’t have a care in the world – that or like they own the place, which they kinda do. You run four laps and head back to your apartment, obeying all crosswalks like a good citizen.

You’ve run a good 40 minutes or so at a brisk pace and, after a breather back at the apartment, you decide to get something to eat.

You walk to Così on Pennsylvania Avenue and order a Così Cobb salad, which comes with their great-tasting flatbread, and then select a fruit juice to go with it. You walk back to your apartment with treasure in hand, the sky a high cirrus mixture of white and blue, a tranquil expanse that has a calming effect.

You climb the porch steps and let yourself back into the apartment complex, rumble up the stairs and enter your apartment, opening a window for some breeze. You enter the kitchen and do the same, and even light some incense you recently bought at Eastern Market because it smelled so good when the guy who sold it to you burned a stick while you were there browsing the previous Saturday. There’s nothing like truth in advertising.

There’s a fun night planned. You’re meeting up with some old friends at Thai Roma Restaurant & Conrad’s Pub on Pennsylvania Avenue and introducing them to a couple of new ones you’ve made at the firm.

You’re young, pretty and living comfortably in Capitol Hill with a great new career as an ad executive. You’re finally at peace with where you’re heading, and the new neighborhood really suits your station in life.

All in all, this was a great move so if you’re looking to find an apartment in the area check out Apartment Showcase.

Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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