Wine on Tap? Aida Bistro in Columbia Is Full of Good Ideas

Wine on Tap system at Aida Bistro

Pull here: Aida claims its unique tap system ensures a fresher glass of wine than the traditional “by the glass” serving method you’ll find at most restaurants. (Google)

I haven’t written about Columbia, Md., in awhile, one of my former places of residence.

This planned community is a great place to rent an apartment. For one thing, you’re very close to Baltimore and Washington. But the town has so many amenities that you don’t need to venture to either metropolis to get your goodies or have your kicks.

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One of these goodies (and, depending on how much you like to eat, kicks) is Aida Bistro & Wine Bar, a classy Italian joint I’ve decided to let you in on.

Aida Bistro & Wine Bar is a well-decorated establishment, having been lauded in publications like Baltimore magazine, The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post.

The bistro “specializes in classic Italian favorites as well as an eclectic mix of non-traditional entrees & small plates from a variety of culinary & cultural backgrounds.” The menus (lunch, dinner) focus on fresh, nutritious, Italian and Mediterranean-style food that’s reasonably priced.

View Larger Map Aida Bistro & Wine Bar
6741 Columbia Gateway Dr.
Columbia, Md. 21046

Spaghetti goes for $10.99, and if you add another three bucks you get it with meatballs. Cheese Ravioli can be had for $12.99, while Mikey’s scampi is a little more expensive at $18.99. Not cheap, but reasonable considering the quality of eats, as all pastas are handmade.

Aida Bistro is trans-fat free and offers something they call the FARM 2 TABLE initiative, which features ingredients from local farmers and producers. There are a few vegetarian/vegan options; check the servers for those.

Wine. You can’t really talk about an Italian restaurant without talking about wine, and this is where Aida Bistro is unique. They have a Wine on Tap System that pours 30 different wines.

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Now, Norm Peterson might not be a fan, but lovers of fermented grapes will rejoice. The site claims that theirs is the largest such system in Maryland and the second largest in the States. Now that is something to blog about.

Bring your debit card though (or have sufficient funds in said account): An average glass of wine will set you back $8-$11. But because of the Wine on Tap System, it’s supposed to taste fresh from the vineyard. It better!

Another thing: In the popular imagination, you don’t necessarily think Italian restaurant and live music, at least not the coffeehouse variety. But Aida Bistro does feature it some strummers, so check out the events page for upcoming artists.

The restaurant recommends that you make evening reservations, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, and when they have live music scheduled.

Come out for a glass of wine and some great Italian food at Aida Bistro & Wine Bar.

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Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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