Your New Best Friend Is Waiting at the Washington Humane Society


Hello kitty: Somebody better call an ambulance because I think my heart just melted. (Joplin Tornado Lost and Found Pets via Flickr)

Who out there loves dogs? What about cats? Who loves both? Who wants to give either one a new life?

I bet there are plenty of renters in Washington, D.C., who’re pet-less and would love to give a needy furball a home.

So, today we’re profiling the Washington Humane Society. The Washington Humane Society is the only Congressionally chartered animal welfare agency in the U.S., having been established in 1870.

Their adoption page gives you all the particulars you need to adopt a new friend. And there are not only dogs and cats looking to plant roots with the lucky renter but rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and birds as well.

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The adoption fee for dogs is $170, while you can take home Fluffy the cat for $85. Adoption fees for smaller animals are less. They also give you tips on how to prepare for your pet’s arrival.

The Washington Humane Society does more than just place pets up for adoption, though. They also work to prevent animal cruelty and neglect.

Take their poster pet Zeus for example. Zeus was rescued from an overcrowded home, where he was neglected. Through the organization, he was treated for various maladies and has found a new home. He’s really a handsome fella. Can you imagine walking into a shelter and coming out with a dog like Zeus? We should all be so lucky.

If you don’t want to adopt, you can also volunteer or foster an animal as well. The organization’s Programs and Services page gives the renter (or anyone who cares about animal welfare) a look at more animal-related resources.

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Here are ways to donate, along with a list of upcoming special events.

The organization has three facilities. You can adopt at both the Georgia Avenue Shelter in Northwest and the District of Columbia Animal Care and Control Facility on New York Avenue in Northeast.

If you’re interested in helping out animals or, better yet, want a lifelong friend, contact the Washington Humane Society and pick up your own Zeus today.

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Scott D

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