Mouse in the House? Here’s a Humane Way to Get Rid of Rodents


Game over: Hmm, not quite the type of pest-control solution we had in mind, though you may be able to bore the little guys to death. (Genista via Flickr)

So you’re the type of renter in Columbia Heights who loves all animals, and the thought of catching a mouse in a trap that kills or injures them just isn’t acceptable.

But we all know that mice exist and, unfortunately, they do get into apartments. I also remember watching a show depicting life after humans say that rats and house mice will face a sharp decline if we ever vanished, as many of them live off our unintended largesse (food, in packages, crumbs and stuff we throw out).

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But don’t fret; you can be rodent-free without harming God’s creation. Here is a humane mousetrap recommended by a friend. And here is trap for larger rodents and other such critters.

My friend claims that the best bait she’s used for this mousetrap is dog food; she also says peanut butter on bread works too, though not as well. And here we all thought mice liked cheese?

As you can see in the first link, this particular trap is a “2 Pack,” so the $23 and change isn’t a bad price for peace of mind, two of them. The second, larger trap is also $23-plus (for one trap), and from the looks of things, most of the larger ones cost a bit more.

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More than a decade ago while living in a basement apartment in Columbia, I was lying in bed yakking it up on the phone when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw some type of animal scurrying past at hyper speed. To say it scared me would be an understatement. It turned out to be one very intrepid squirrel who got into the townhome through an open duct of some kind on the roof (that’s what they told me, anyway).

If this happens to you and the landlord is taking his sweet old time sending someone over, or worse, he thinks you should take care of the problem yourself (or try to before other measures are taken), you’ll be happy you got one of these contraptions.

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Scott D

Scott D

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