Happier Meal: Targeting Your Tabletop Needs

Table Setting

Dressed to thrill: Spruce up your holiday table with some creative, elegant ideas from the folks at Apartment Therapy. (Dinner Series via Flickr)

What fun would it be for a blogger to not once in a while cut and paste or let someone else do the heavy lifting?

Well, that’s what I’m doing today with the help of Apartment Therapy. They have a good post that highlights affordable tabletops. The post was aiming for Thanksgiving, but with the holidays on hand we’ll appropriate it for yuletide use. Actually, these tips are good for any season, for those of you who take their wining and dining seriously.

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But being the schmuck I am, I’m going to highlight some of what’s on the site anyway.

The above post has seven links for dinnerware, including this ode to the modern and geometric. The site is a little less helpful with their flatware suggestions, with only two links, though they both feature handsome designs.

As you can see, this stuff isn’t cheap ($165 for a David Mellor ‘Pride’ Flatware five-piece set is a little out of my price range and probably yours too. But that’s admittedly high-end; there are much cheaper brands featured on the site). But I know there are people out there who want something a little more upscale dressing their dinner table than what you would find at Target or Wal-Mart, i.e., ladies. Most guys are clueless and couldn’t give a hoot.

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The post also features three table linen links, including this one for block print table linens, and they pull out the big guns for the finale, offering eight links for complete tabletop looks. And no, I’ve already given you enough links off our site (you people better start renting some apartments!).

So, you’re a stylish dame in a beautiful Arlington apartment and want to impress the in-laws this holiday season. Well madam, this post is for you. Find your next apartment in the area with Apartment Showcase. 

Scott D

Scott D

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