Holiday Eggnog That Will Knock Santa’s Socks Off

Holiday Eggnog

Creating a stir: Phoebe Lapine of Big Girls Small Kitchen shows how to make holiday eggnog, which appears to involve turning off the holiday TV and getting off your holiday couch. Bah, humbug. (Big Girls Small Kitchen via YouTube)

So you’re having your first semiformal Christmas party at your new digs in Dupont Circle, with guests ranging from high-school friends and family to coworkers and that guy you like.

Only one problem: You want to make some good eggnog but don’t know how. That’s where Big Girls Small Kitchen comes in.

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These girls haven’t posted to YouTube in about a year but have nonetheless filmed a video showing you how to make eggnog that looks like it’ll have your guests seeing reindeer. Here, Phoebe Lapine, a wolfish-sounding name if there ever was one, shows you how to wow your guests with this fabled holiday treat.

But why stop with Wolfie Lapine? Why not learn how to make a slightly different eggnog?

Working Class Foodies has their own take on this Christmas mainstay. Keep an eye out for Marissa, Gemma and Tila. As you can see, Working Class Foodies has scores of videos for those of you familiar with a kitchen.

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I could write out the ingredients and act all knowledgeable in describing these videos, but I know my readers aren’t that gullible (I have readers?). Like I’m going to turn into Bobby Flay overnight; more like Chef Boyardee. Besides, these videos speak for themselves.

I plan on sending them to a friend in a few minutes. You should too. Better yet, send this post!

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