Rare Find: New Steakhouse in Dupont Circle Provides a Grill for Girls

STK, an upscale chophouse where the décor and dinner menu are designed to corral female meat lovers, is coming to D.C., according to a recent story from Washington City Paper.

The sleek steakhouse, set to take up residence at 1250 Connecticut Avenue in Northwest, is the latest in a line that began in 2011 with the opening of the flagship STK in New York – where Kim Kardashian likes to pig out. Other locations include L.A., Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta and even London.

The idea for a female-friendly steakhouse was the brainchild of The One Group, a high-end hospitality outfit that saw an opportunity to make the traditional, male-oriented steakhouse less of a turn-off for women. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, One Group CEO Jonathan Segal elaborates, “You meet successful and aspiring people there, but they’re always so dark, smoky and dingy. And [women] don’t want a whole cow on their plates.”

Among the enhancements designed to appeal to the ladies are a “large central lounge area … with creamy leather banquettes and textured crocodile tiles,” and a menu that boasts “small, medium and large cuts of meat, as well as naturally raised options and market fresh fish entrees.”

Check out STK’s sizzling commercial below:

“Not your daddy’s steakhouse”? That spot makes STK look like GoDaddy’s steakhouse.

While there’s no word yet on an opening date, apartment renters in Northwest looking for a new place to host a girl’s night out will want to keep an eye on the STK site for the latest.

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