Rest Assured: Inflatable Beds for Apartment Guests

Pug wrapped in blanket

Snug as a Pug in a rug

You live in a shoebox apartment in Capitol Hill, so small the occasional cockroach or ever-present Japanese stinkbugs have been known to complain, asking you to at least knock out a wall and expand your floor space, open up this sardine can a little.

Yes, you can’t hardly afford the rent, let alone a spare bed when your friend from Baltimore decides to sleep over after the two of you spend the night drinking, riding the trains, and in general, behaving like a couple of no-goodniks.

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So what do you do?

Well, despite the fact you bemoan, bellyache and act like the poorest of the poor refugee who somehow sees fit to drop $100 on a night of drinking bourbon and water more often than you’d care to admit, you finally decide after just such an occasion last month (which you heard about for two weeks afterward: “Couldn’t you at least get a futon or something in there, my back is still *^%&*% from that!”) to drop some coin on an inflatable bed. So the next time a buddy comes over after a night in the tank, he’ll have a place to sleep. You just have to remember to hide it when you bring home a girl in the same predicament.

Inflatable Bed

Breathe easy: Many inflatable beds feature a built-in electric pump, which makes setting up your temporary sleeping accommodations a breeze. (bluesalamanders via Flickr)

Well, what kinda bed did he get? He bought an Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Comfort Queen, an inflatable bed with a name longer than some sentences you’ll likely write today.

As always, buyer beware: Read the product’s individual reviews. On this particular model, they’re all over the place. But our protagonist would likely choose something less pricey, so I’m staying in character.

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I’ve had two inflatable beds, and they both have been of some use. I’ll tell you what, I’ve got five more beds for you to peruse at

As you can see, these cost a bit more. In fact, they’re so nice you might be tempted to show them to that girl you bring home, if only to show her you got class. But if you’re that dumb, I can’t help you anymore.

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