Bargain Hunting: Find a Garage Sale This Weekend

Garage Sale

Another man’s treasure: points you to the garage or yard sale closest to you and even tells you what you’ll find when you get there. (BrownPolyester via Flickr)

Are you the kinda person who loves stopping at roadside yard sales when you see one?

I’m sure most of us have been to one of these, maybe a bunch of them, and if not, we surely know somebody who loves to hunt for the bargains to be had out there in someone else’s throwaways. I can remember buying a pretty nice black file cabinet at a yard sale, and a book about a reformed outlaw biker as well (my reading subjects are all over the place). I’m sure I bought other stuff at these things too.

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Did you know there’s a site that lists upcoming garage and yard and sales by map? It’s and “is a garage sale, yard sale and estate sale listing service.” It lists sales for all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., or us. The cool thing, again, is that each sale is marked by a pin on a map so you can actually see where it is.

Here’s the link to garage sales in D.C.’s metro region.

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Another good feature is when you click on each sale’s link, items to be sold are listed (as far as I can tell, anyway) … duh, if they weren’t, would you just randomly show up and hope for the best? Looking at a weekend in May I see tons of sales, and with the summer months looming, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more for you to snatch up used treasures.

So, if you rent an apartment in the area and want to save a ton of money or even waste a few bucks, check out this site and plan to hit a couple of these sales.

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Scott D

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