How to Pick the Best Vegetables at the Grocery Store

Shopping for vegetables

Cream of the crop: Avoid spotted or yellowed vegetables. That goes without saying. Less obvious is TheKitchn’s recommendation that you select veggies with a fair amount of heft to them. (schrierc via Flickr)

I know what you’re thinking. I’m pushing it a bit too far with some of these posts, just looking for something to write about.

But no, there really is a great article out there about the sometimes-obvious and sometimes-not-so-obvious art of picking the freshest vegetables at your grocer.

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TheKitchn, a “companion site” of Apartment Therapy, has a piece titled “A Guide To Selecting the Best Produce: Vegetables.” In the article, there are some pretty easy suggestions, like what they suggest when selecting your cauliflower: “Choose heads with tightly packed, creamy white florets. Avoid yellowed, spotted, or flowering florets.” (Don’t know that I’ve ever seen a “flowering floret” – the part you eat – but I think I’ve found the latest name for my mythical band). Ditto for celery: “Choose firm, unblemished stalks. The stalks and leaves should be green, not yellow.” Really?

OK, but there are some better, less obvious tips.

Check out their suggestions for turnips: “Choose turnips that feel firm and heavy for their size. Smaller turnips tend to be sweeter and more tender than larger ones, which may be woody.”

Or check out what they say about avocados: “Choose avocados that feel slightly soft to the touch. Firmer avocados may be ripened at home, but avoid rock-hard ones. Also avoid avocados with cracks or dents.”

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Other than the obvious suggestion to avoid anything that’s wilted, one thing they’re consistent about is picking vegetables that are “heavy for their size.” The reader comments are interesting as well.

I can write all day on this, but I’ll go ahead and let you read the article. Then print it out in your Penn Quarter apartment (or simply look it up on your phone) and take it with you the next time you go to the grocery store.

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