How to Pick the Best Fruits at the Grocery Store


Pretty on the inside: Choose grapefruits with smooth, thin skin and don’t worry about surface discolorations, says TheKitchn. (Vic Lic via Flickr)

We wrote about how to pick the best vegetables last month … or we cribbed it from Apartment Therapy sidekick, TheKitchn. Well, we’re doing the same again with veggie’s sweeter cousin, fruit.

Just like the vegetable article, much of this list will come as common sense. TheKitchn again stresses that you should choose fruits that are “heavy for their size” in some entries, as well as avoiding bruises in some specimens.

But also like the former piece, this article had some less-obvious tips as well.

For instance, they claim you should avoid cherries without stems, as they have shorter shelf lives than ones with stems. And don’t be alarmed about the cracks in a pomegranate as they signal ripeness, but be sure to check that there isn’t any mold in the cracks.

Another good tip is about watermelons: one that is properly ripe should sport a yellow spot on one side where it laid on the ground.

Once again, the reader comments add a bit as well. Anyway, this is a good list to keep handy in your Frederick apartment when heading to the grocery store.

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Remember, eat your fruits and veggies!

Scott D

Scott D

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