Salad Gold: 5 Edibles to Plant in the Fall

Everyone eats vegetables in the fall (and fruits, which it turns out some vegetables actually are. Pumpkins anyone?), but I bet you’ll be surprised that you can plant them in this brisk season, too.

Bryn Mooth, a SparkPeople contributor, has a good article about five edibles (well, two are not actually vegetables, and one is a type of the other. Confused? I hear you) that you can plant when it gets cooler. She says growers call fall the “second season.”

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Obviously, this post is for renters who have access to a garden. But with community gardens becoming popular these days, this piece isn’t completely out of place. And for what it’s worth, you can grow some of the following edibles inside your Adams Morgan apartment … which of course defeats the whole purpose of the post. Fine, you happy now?!

In the article proper, Mooth also throws in plants you can harvest in the fall, which won’t help you now, but if you bookmark this page, come summertime it certainly can.

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Here are five edibles you can plant in the fall, along with some handy links. For those really interested, for once I actually encourage you to see the original article.

1. Garlic: “Garlic is super-fun to grow, and in many zones it can be planted in late fall for a late spring harvest.”

2. Herbs: “Consider bringing your herb plants indoors for winter.”

3. Lettuce: “Because lettuce can be sown directly in the ground (it doesn’t require starting indoors) and it’s a speedy grower, it’s a great fall crop for many zones.”

4. Radishes: “Radishes are super fast-growing, taking just 25 days to mature.”

5. Carrots: “[They] take about 65 days to mature, but they can tolerate colder weather if you’re careful to place mulch on top of the rows so the ground doesn’t freeze.”

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