Alter Eco: Tips for Turning Your Apartment Into a Green Space

Light Bulbs

Shine on: In addition to using less power, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) emit far less carbon dioxide than traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs are even greener. (Carbon Visuals via Flickr)

Even though you don’t own your apartment, you can still live a green lifestyle. You don’t have to own a house to live green. Apartment owners can also be eco-friendly.

When you’re living in an apartment, the leasing company or landlord most likely handles the utilities and appliances. There don’t have to be any permanent installations in your building. You don’t have to change the structure, but you can make changes to your lifestyle so there can be a positive effect on our environment.

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Here are a few green tips to help you get started:

Ditch the Bottles

A large portion of landfills are being filled with plastic water bottles. You can help prevent this huge problem by using stainless-steel water bottles when you’re on the go. If you have a faucet that can accept a filter, you can install a water filter. If you can’t attach a filter to your faucet, use a filter pitcher for your water.

Minimize Energy Use

Although you may turn off all of your appliances before you leave, the appliances can still draw power from your outlets if they are plugged in. Remember to unplug your coffee maker, cell phone chargers and other things that are not being used for the entire day. If your utilities are part of your rent, everyone else can still benefit from your minimal energy use. You may also want to consider turning your thermostat up or down depending on the season.

Switch the Light Bulbs

Consider changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs if you’re still using incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use less energy and last about 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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Washer/Dryer Use

If you have your own washing machine and dryer in your apartment, try to use cold water as much as you can when washing your clothes. Use the cooler, shorter settings on the dryer when drying your clothes.

Green apartment living can be made a little easier when you use the above tips. Adding tips like these can make your eco-footprint a little lighter. When you take a few minutes out of the day, you can turn your apartment into a green living space.

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