The High-Maintenance Dog

Sleeping dog

The big sleep: He’s so cute! That is, until he keeps you up all night with his incessant squirming. That part’s not so cute. (haijak via Flickr)

Sharing an apartment with a pet can have both positive and negative aspects.

Having a dog can keep you company if you live alone, help you meet friends with other dogs and help keep you active with regular exercise. On the other hand, they’re a big responsibility and require your undivided attention (at least my dog does).

My small Jack Russell terrier is a great dog overall, but sometimes he is more high-maintenance than me. Here is just one story from my experience sharing an apartment with him:

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One night, my dog and I went to bed as we normally do. Of course, he sleeps with me. He’s done that since was a puppy. Well, a few hours into the night, he began shaking. Now, this is a normal habit for him when a) it’s raining or thundering, b) there’s a loud noise or c) he has to go outside.

It couldn’t have been either of the first two, and I took him outside multiple times, so I was really confused. He was restless and kept climbing on top of my head ALL NIGHT LONG. In a small one bedroom apartment, there is not much space to separate, and he had to be near me wherever I went.

Frustrated and tired, I had an idea. Maybe he’s actually cold? I mean, it was in the 40s outside, and the temperature in my apartment was about 70.

Under the blankets, it was totally fine. I tried putting him under the covers, but he kept getting up.

At about 7 a.m., I just gave up and started my day with my shaking dog. I noticed the rest of my apartment was cold, so I decided to turn the heat on.

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Within about 5 minutes, my dog was at my feet, and I realized that he was sound asleep, no longer shaking.

So yes, my heat is on for the sole purpose of my dog, not me.

Moral of the story: Weigh your options when deciding to get an apartment and a dog. Regardless of the high maintenance drama he brings to my life at times, he has been the best roommate with whom I could ever hope to share an apartment. You can search for dog-friendly apartments on

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