3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Apartment

At the time, it wasn’t funny. But looking back at my first few apartment-renting experiences, I just laugh and say, “I wish I had known.”

I wish I had been a little wiser in my early days as a renter. I wish someone had given me a list of things to look for when hunting for an apartment. Fortunately, you’ve got ApartmentShowcase.com on your side.

1. Unless you absolutely have to, never rent on the bottom floor. Most apartment buildings are built so the pipes run vertically. So, what comes out of the top apartment must travel through the pipes of those below. Typically, the plumber visits the apartments on the bottom floor the most.

2. If you want the apartment on the top floor, evaluate your furniture. Will it fit in the elevator? If not, or if there isn’t an elevator, consider how you’re going to get your furniture upstairs. While I can laugh at it now, I had some very cranky friends hauling my sleeper sofa up three flights of stairs. When I left, I hired a moving company since I wanted to keep my friends.

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3. The view is important. I still remember my apartment that was on the edge of a golf course. I loved that view. I had the perfect lawn and didn’t have to do a single thing to maintain it. Luckily, I was far enough away that I didn’t have to duck any stray golf balls, but when I saw a friend on the course, I admit that I enjoyed yelling “fore!” at them. At night, deer roamed the golf course, so I loved to sit on my balcony.

The most important thing in renting an apartment is to take your time. Visit each prospective place and their neighborhoods at various hours of the day. If you can, ask other residents about how much they like living there.

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