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While sitting here thinking of which topic to write about next for Apartment Showcase, I undoubtedly cannot redirect my focus towards anything other than the project that I am currently working on, and currently also very excited about! Now, normally I don’t like to spoil any surprises or reveal anything before the completed project… But I figured that it actually may be interesting to see how my process goes, and what a designer’s brainstorming looks like.

First a client and I will discuss the project scope, ideas, colors, budget, and ideal outcome at an initial consultation. This project in particular is a little different because I am doing a lounge room for a recurring client, so I already have a pretty good idea of his style. He loves color, and being funky, and fun, and modern with some spunk. (Those are always the best clients when they trust you and you get a chance to be creative!) Check out this lounge before-picture.

Lounge Before

First I send out an estimate of time to be spent on the project, then once the client pays the deposit, the work begins. The researching is normally a 2-3 week process, and then comes the presentation with a links list, spaceplan, and mood board. (If the client chooses to buy his own pieces I provide a list of links, or if he chooses me to buy them for him, I will do that as well.)


This is his space plan. It is a small space, yet the intention is to entice fun, games, and drinking! 🙂 So I am considering low profile seating and floor cushions with a round coffee table/game table as well as higher level bar seating along one wall. The other wall will display liquor and bar equipment- keeping a masculine vibe. Lighting is key as well! I love a swag light, and a modern chrome hanging globe is perfect.

This client and I decided that we were going to paint in unexpected places, so we chose a yellow-y chartreuse (also incorporated in his living room and dining room upstairs) to be painted on the ceiling, french doors, and interior walls of the window depth. Fun, right!? And to prevent the small space from being too overwhelming, I am proposing we keep the walls neutral with wallpaper that is white and textured with some metallic glaze. The main pallette in here will be the yellow, gray, white, and metallic silvers and chromes. Now for just a punch of fun we will add some coral-paprika floor pillows, and some small pops of the dark teal-y blue that is upstairs as well. You can get an idea of the space from the Mood Board below.


Once the presentation is complete, appropriate changes are made, and budgeting is reviewed, and everything is agreed on (in this case) the client makes the purchases. Everything slowly filters in, depending on shipping estimates, stock availability, and lead times. I also will make some accessory purchases to bring along for the installation that we set up. At the install I style all of the shelving, set up the room to completion, and take some pictures! That’s it! Then the room is done and you’re living pretty. 🙂 More to come on the lounge in early August (fingers crossed!) once the room is complete. Or see my website for more info, www.nafasiinteriors.com. Thanks Apartment Showcase!

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Teri Clar

Teri Clar

Teri is a interior designer, entrepreneur, and a writer in Washington DC area.

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