Apartment Living with Pets

Keeping pets active is key for having them in apartments. Dog parks are a great way for your pets to get exercise and socialization.

Keeping pets active is key for having them in apartments. Dog parks are a great way for your pets to get exercise and socialization.

The D.C. metro area is one of the best places to own a pet with a plethora of pet-related amenities and activities. But don’t let living in an apartment dash your hopes of having a fury companion. Many apartments are becoming more pet-friendly, including luxury apartments that offer special services for fury residents.

Here are a few tips for living in apartments with pets:

  • Choose the right pet based on your lifestyle and living situation. If you travel often, having a pet may not be the best idea just like having a Great Dane in a studio apartment.
  • Check the local municipality for animal control laws that ban certain breeds or require pet owners to hold licenses. Prince George’s County bans all pitbull-type dogs and DC outlaws ferrets and requires dog owners to obtain a license from the Department of Health.
  • Be mindful of the type of flooring in your apartment. Some hardwood and laminate floors are difficult for pets to walk on causing them to fall and injure themselves easily.
  • Safeguard your apartment for your pet. If you live in a high-rise building, it can be dangerous for pets to have access to open windows or balconies. Keep your pet safe with a gate or balcony enclosure.
  • Read the fine print in your lease. Many apartments require a pet deposit or tack on a monthly fee as part of your rent. Some places may have their own pet breed and weight restrictions.

The biggest factor for living in an apartment with pets is keeping your fury friend active. For indoor-only pets, make sure they have plenty of toys and stimulation. If you are at work or gone for more than 6 hours a day, hire a dog walker or pet sitter to give your fury friend some exercise and attention while you’re away. Or try doggie day care. Yup, just like kids, dogs can go to daycare too! Dogs spend the day playing with their friends in large, enclosed facilities. Some of the best in the area include Wagtime, Dogtopia, A Dog’s Day Out, Best Friends Pet Care and Fur-Get Me Not.

Dog parks are also a great way for your pet to get exercise. Some apartments offer private dog parks for residents, but there are a growing number of cities that are developing their own for the community. DC boasts 10 official dog parks and there are numerous ones throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The many pet-related events is really what makes this area great. Meet other owners and have fun with your pet during the many area ‘Yappy Hours’, pet costume parties, pet festivals and dog walks. This summer, check out the Washington Nationals Pups in the Park event and enjoy a game of baseball with your pup. With such great options, you and your fury friend will never be bored. Let ApartmentShowcase.com find your perfect pet-friendly apartment today.

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