Boating Marinas & Yacht Clubs Near DC

Whether you’re living large with a private yacht, or paddle-boats are more your style, the DC area is full of boat clubs and marinas to accommodate your hobbies.  I can almost feel that salty sea breeze now….

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Flickr Creative Commons


DC Dragon Boat Club– Traditionally made in ancient China from tweak wood, dragon boats are human powered and rowed to the beat of a drum master that sits at the front of the vesicle.  This is a great team building exercise for friends or even coworkers.

  • Located at 2900 Virginia Ave, NW. 

Carefree Boat Club–  This is a boat housing and maintenance facility. Essentially, if you are lucky enough to own your own boat, you can use the services offered by the Carefree Boat Club to make sure that your vesicle is taken care of and cleaned routinely. If you are a new owner without much experience you can also take advantage of sailing classes to learn how to become a master of the seas.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at Water St. SW. 

The Gangplank Marina– The marina docks can accommodate vessels up to  125 feet in length. Amenities include ice, showers, telephone services, laundry facilities, and dock carts. If you plan to leave your boat for several weeks without a visit, you can be sure that it will be safe because of the 24 hour Security services offered.    

Credit: The Gangplank Marina Gallery

  •  Located at 600 Water St, SW. 

Washington Marina Company– This facility is conveniently located within walking distance from the Washington Monument and the ever popular Tidal Basin.  It provides an excellent venue for both local and international boaters alike with a dash of luxury.

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Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 1300 Maine Ave, SW. 

James Creek Marina– A historical club that dates back to 1913, this facility has been renovated many times since to become the full service marina that it is today. Some of the more attractive features include 24-hour access, fuel docks, and a winter de-icing system.

Credit: James Creek Marina Gallery

  • Located at 200 V. St, SW.

District Yacht Club– You need a membership in order to be a part of this club and enjoy access to the clubhouse and shop facility. You might consider joining if you want to be surrounded by an array of enthusiastic boaters. The group aims to encourage fellowship and family through a mutual interest in sailing and boating.

Credit: District Yacht Club Gallery

  • Located at 1409 Water St, SE. 

Tidal Basin Paddle Boats– Paddle Boating around the Tidal Basin is by far one of the most common tourist activities, you have to try it out at least once weather you are a DC native or just passing through the area. It’s a great way to explore the monuments and get a different perspective on the city.

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  • Located at 1501 Maine Ave, SW. 

Capital Yacht Club– The private club is located at the heart of the nation’s capitals with a tradition of boating with monumental views. Amenities include both water and landside fully-staffed facilities.

Credit: Capital Yacht Club Gallery

  • Located at 1000 Water St, SW.

Potomac Boating Club– This is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the Washington DC area.  Founded in 1869, it is home to about 300 senior members, some of which who are Olympic Athletes. Do not be intimidated however, you don’t need to have a gold medal, or even a bronze to join this club.

  •  Located at 3530 Water St, NW. 

Pentagon Sailing Club– This is the first DC based volunteer association that is dedicated to spreading safety awareness in regards to recreational sailing. The club offers both on the water and classroom training, sail boat racing, and club charters.

Credit: Pentagon Sailing Club Gallery

  • Located at Capital Cove Marina, 90 Arlnold Ave. 


Maryland Yacht Club– The Maryland Yacht Club covers over eight acres of waterfront in Maryland. Aside from being granted access to the facilities, members can enjoy the numerous social events hosted by the club. Events in the past have included crab festivals, races, and other holiday parties.


Credit: Maryland Yacht Club Gallery

  • Located at 1500 Fairview Beach Rd.

Chesapeake Boating Club– If you have ever wanted to enjoy boating but don’t want to deal with the costs of owning your own vessel, then this club in Maryland has a solution to your woes. They offer sailboats as well as power boats to rent for daily or extended time periods and take care of all the maintenance work so all you have to worry about is steering off into the sunset.

Credit: Chesapeake Boating Club Gallery

  • Located at 213 Eastern Ave, Annapolis. 

Bay Bridge Marina– They provide accommodations for annual, seasonal, and even transient visitors and yacht groups. It is a full service yacht yard and provides everything you will need to keep your boat in its’ best condition.

Bay Bridge Marina Yacht Club, Stevensville, Maryland

Credit: Bay Bridge Marina Gallery

  • Located at Kent Island. 

Greater Baltimore Canoe + Kayak Club– Members range in skill level from beginner to master class paddlers. The Club coordinates several group trips a year and offers lessons to those who wish to learn the ropes before heading out on the water.

Mears Marina– Conveniently nestled among the Eastport area of Annapolis, this waterfront country club doubles as a full service, full staffed marina. The club offers tennis courts, spas, fine dining experiences, and boutique shopping for your enjoyment.

Credit: Mears Marina gallery

  • Located at 519 Chester Ave, Annapolis. 

Annapolis Dragon Boat Club– You’ve probably heard that dragon boat tradition goes back over 2000 years ago in China. You can still enjoy the exhilarating sport with clubs like this one near you! This club offers training and racing events for all experience levels. It’s a great aerobic exercise and the club also hosts many fundraising events for local charities so you can feel good in more ways than one.

Credit: Annapolis Dragon Boat Club Gallery

  • Located at 1 Walton Lane, Annapolis. 

Sail Solomons– This is a sailing instruction facility that promises exceptional lessons. Sail Solomons also offers luxury yacht charters on the Chesapeake Bay, Caribbean, and Mediterranean.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 245 C St, Solomons

Cambridge Yacht Club– According to locals, the Choptank River has some of the best sailing on the Eastern Shore. This marina and club offers affordable deep-water slips as well as locker room facilities. It is also located close to fine dining and shopping attractions.

Cambridge Yacht Club - Photo by Jill Jasuta

Credit: Cambridge Yacht Club

  • Located at 1 Mill St, Cambridge. 

Annapolis Paddleboarding and Kayaking Club– Summers can be brutal in Anne Arundel County, when the weather gets too hot to handle, try cooling off with one of the various types of water vessels offered at this club. This is a family friendly location that is sure to please all ages.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 26 West St, Annapolis. 

Riverside Yacht Club– This is a small club that meets regularly to share their common hobby during boating season. They offer informal cruises and host events such as picnics and group sailing regularly. The great part about this members-only club is that you don’t need your own yacht to join, just a love of the sport and the seas.

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Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at various locations, information is private until membership is granted. 


Monroe Bay Marina– The marina was build in 2006 so it is fairly a new facility. You can dock your boat within walking distance from beaches, hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants to explore. The Marina offers both monthly, and annual rates and also comes with access to some scenic campgrounds.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 551 Lafayette St, Colonial Beach. 

Virginia Power Boat Association– This association caters to power boat enthusiasts and sportsman alike. Both membership and drop in visits are allowed. The health club offers other services as well such as yoga, swimming, spin classes, and other physical fitness group classes.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 4051 Old Gun Road, Richmond. 

Anchor Point Marina- Fully operating with a repair shop, gasoline station, snack bar, supply shop and more, this marina offers all of the essentials. If you are looking for more of a city experience, rest assured because this marina is just 20 minutes from Richmond.

Credit: Anchor Point Marina Gallery

  • Located at Beacon Ridge Drive, Hopewell. 

Atlantic Yacht Basin– This is a full service family owned yacht repair and storage facility. They accommodate all size vessels and are open to renting out space for private events.


Credit: Atlantic Yacht Basin Gallery

  • Located at 2615 Basin Rd, Chesapeake. 

Bellmont Bay Harbor– Beautifully positioned on the Occoquan River, this harbor can host 158 boats at a time. The advantage to this location is that it offers a convenient access to the Potomac River that no other marina in the area has.


Credit: Bellmont Bay harbor Gallery

  • Located at 57o Harbor Side St, Woodbrige.

Mathews Yacht Club– This club has offered social events and boating facilities for about 60 years, so they have to be doing something right! The club is open from February through December and meets several times a month for meetings and holiday celebrations.

Credit: Mathews Yacht Club Gallery

  • Located at 671 Yacht Club Road, Mathews. 

Bay Marine and East Beach Marina– This location is more of a small scale operation, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get just as much value. If you are searching for a more quaint marina experience for your trip then this place should be on your radar.

Bay Marine & East Beach Marina

Credit: Yelp Gallery for Bay Marine & East Beach Marina

  • Located at 4621 Pretty Lake Ave, Norfolk. 

Salt Ponds Marina Resort– This location is described at the perfect stopping point, no matter what your final destination is. Amenities include bathhouses, laundry facilities, a fuel dock, and a boater’s lounge with coffee and computers to use.

Credit: Salt Ponds Marina Resort Gallery

  • Located at 11 Ivory Gull Crescent, Hampton. 

Virginia Boat Club– The club is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing rowing opportunities and promoting the sport in Richmond. Members have a wide variety of experiences and the club accommodates all levels with racing events and recreational tours.

Credit: Virginia Boat Club Gallery

  • Located at 4708 Old Main St, Richmond. 

Warwick Yacht and Country Club– The club was created in 1958 with the intent to bring passionate boaters together. Now, it is more than just a yacht club. The facility offers junior sailing classes, social events and celebrations, as well as tennis courts and swimming pools for members.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 400 Maxwell Lane, Newport News. 

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