Adult Classes in DC, Maryland, & Virginia

It’s never too late to improve yourself. Expand your skills and interests with one of these local classes that you will actually enjoy showing up for…

Forget piano cats, DJ cats are the new internet black.  Flickr Creative Commons

Forget piano cats, DJ cats are the new internet black.
Flickr Creative Commons


ArtJamz– People seem to be going totally Van Gogh over ArtJamz lately. What started as a pop-up only event has now a full studio production and is expanding beyond DC. An average visit to this studio will cost you anywhere from $45- $65 depending on your chosen canvas size. But that price will get you a bountiful supply of paints, pizza, wine or beer, and some inspirational background music to fuel your artistic adventure. Its a class for all ages and private events can also be booked.

Credit: ArtJamz Gallery

  • ArtJamz is located at 1727 Connecticut Ave, NW.

The Theatre Lab– Unleash your inner thespian at Washington DC’s largest nonprofit school for the dramatic arts. They offer an array of courses, camps, and mini-programs throughout the year and aim to ” transform lives through theater”. These expressive do-gooders have been featured in the Catalog for Philanthropy as one of the best small charities in DC.

Credit: DC Discombobulated Gallery

  • The Theatre Lab is located at 733 8th St, NW. 

The Bar Method– If you’re always on the hunt for a new workout routine, then you may want to give the Bar Method a try. Its inspired by ballet and pilates training and has suddenly become the new hot exercise trend, with participants raving about its full body results. According to instructors, the class is a one hour, non impact total body workout. It starts with a warm-up, free-weight exercises and push-ups, and then moves onto intense isometric leg work at the bar and on mats. The goal of these workouts is to elongate the targeted muscles through repetitive aerobic movements.

Credit: The Bar Method Gallery

  • The Bar Method is located at 750 9th St, NW #103. 

Bits of Thread Sewing Classes– The studio classes in everything from basic sewing classes to more advanced accessory and clothing creation. You can chose to bring your own sewing machine from home or rent.


Credit: Bits of Thread Gallery

  • Located at 1794 Columbia Rs, NW Suite No 6.

Vinoteca Wine Classes–  If your Tuesday nights are feeling lack luster, check out these wine classes that will have you sounding like a professional. Learn about taste, texture, food pairings, and origins of international wine samples.

Credit: Vinoteca Gallery

  • Located at 1940 11th St, NW. 

Levine School of Music– Group courses in topics such as, music editing, vocal performances, theory, and beginner classes are offered. Private instruction can be requested for one on one lessons. If you are already comfortable with an instrument, this is a prime location for jam sessions with other musically inclined individuals.

Credit: Levine Music

  • Located at 2801 Upton St, NW. 

Ballroom Dance– From the waltz to the samba, you can step your way to glory with these five week instructional studio courses. You can even get a discount if you are a DC resident.


Credit: Chevy Chase Community Center Gallery

  • Located at The Chevy Chase Community Center. 6501 Connecticut Ave, NW. 

Basic Computer Classes– The DC public library is for more than just books. They host free course in computer literacy. Topics introduced include PC basics, Microsoft Windows programs, as well as using the internet for research and communication. No registration is required.

Credit: DC Public Library Gallery

  • Located at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. 901 G St, NW. 

Politics and Prose– Writing classes are offered conveniently in this bookstore. Topics include but are not limited to Parisian literature, South Asian works, graphic novels, and memoir writing.

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  • Located at 5015 Connecticut Ave, NW. 

Krav Maga DC– Learn the same self defense training that the Israeli Defense Forces use. According to the masters, this form of self protection is a simple and effective system that works for all types and sizes so. You can also explore kickboxing at this facility for some extra cardiovascular training. \

  • Located at 616 H St, NW. 


Pub and Paint– It is what is sounds like, awesome. Founded by a local Baltimore artist, the establishment sells tickets to nightly events. You can expect to be served a full menu at the bar before your class session begins as well as alcoholic beverages of your choice by a bartender throughout the evening. You can attend to meet new people or book a private night for family, friends, or business related events.

Credit: Pub and Paint Gallery

  • Pub and Paint is located at 440 E Oliver St, Baltimore. 

American Sign Language Classes– The Hearing and Speech Agency (HASA) is a private, non profit organization that offers hearing and speech services.  is a Sign languages classes for all experience levels. Aside from hearing tests and communication support for those with impairments, they teach sign language for all experience level participants. Classes are on a seasonal basis however, so if you are interested in picking up a useful new language, then sign up at the start of the next season!

Credit: HASA website

  • HASA is located at 5900 Metro Dr, Baltimore. 

Night Hawk Golf Center- This gold course offers a private facility for individual, small group, and clinical instructions. The golf center is complete with a putting/chipping green, grass tees, covered tees, indoor net, and a bunker. All the tees are laser-measured for accurate distances.

Custom Club Fitting

Credit: Night Hawk Golf Center Gallery

  • Night Hawk Golf Center is located at 814 Md Route, Gambrills.  

Potomac Dog School– Your K9 companion can be a huge stress in your life if he or she isn’t trained yet. This dog school offers handling courses as well as practical pet owning lessons like grooming and safety. Both group and private courses are available.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 7326 Westmore Road, Rockville. 
Silver Smithing– Well known in the world of crafting, Blair Anderson covers everything from novice to advanced silversmithing during his workshops. These classes meet from Wednesday to Saturday every week.

Credit: Glen Echo Park Gallery

  • Located at 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo. 
The Woodworkers Club– This club hosts over 75 courses about woodworking so if you are interested you are bound to find something that works with both your schedule and specific interests. To shed some more light on the possibilities, one of the advanced courses cover topics like cabinet making.

Credit: Woodworkers Club Gallery

  • Located at 4950 Wyaconda Rd, Rockville. 
Writer’s Center– The instructors for these classes are working authors who with to encourage other budding writers and give feedback. Some courses include intro to screenwriting, poetry and sound effects, and the extreme novelist.
Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 4508 Walsh St, Bethesda. 

Sahara Dance– This school offers belly dancing classes for all experience levels. You can look forward to a fusion of tribal music and advanced turning tricks. Most classes start at just $35 and classes are metro accessible.

  • Located at 926 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring.  

Montgomery Workforce Development– The programs for workforce development offered at Montgomery College cover everything from office technology to GED preparation and much more in between. You can take classes on a term basis either starting in the spring or fall.

Class and teacher gatherd around laptop

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  • Located at 51 Mannakee St, Rockville. 

Japanese Language Classes– Explore the Japanese cultural and linguistic heritage through courses at the Keisho Center. Classes are small as to encourage a community and low pressure environment for one on one attention even in a group setting.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at the Keisho Center. 8821 River Rd, Bethesda. 


Open Kitchen– This is a restaurant that also offers private cooking classes from gourmet chefs. They only offer private cooking classes and events but that gives you a reason to gather up your foodie friends and learn some shnazy new culinary techniques and dishes. One thing is for sure, you will be learning from the masters! The chefs at this restaurant are known for experimenting with traditional American dishes to make exquisite new creations.


Credit: Open Kitchen Gallery

  • Open Kitchen is located at 7115 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. 

National Air and Space Museum– Having your head in the clouds takes on a whole new meaning with flight school. While you won’t be flying an actual plane, high-tech flight simulators are supposed to offer you a life-like piloting experience at the National Air and Space Museum. Professional Pilots will be present to answer all your career or leisure flying questions and guide you through your simulation experience.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • National Air and Space Museum is located at 600 Independence Ave, SW.

Triangle DJ Academy– You wont find a more crowd pleasing skill than DJ-ing. Just imagine, at the next holiday party you can be the disc master and have all your friends and family dancing the night away to your original mized. But first, you have to learn how the heck your new soundboard even works. It’s harder than it looks, but luckily Triangle DJ Academy will teach you the ropes and help you record your own mash-ups. Sign up online to start because lets be serious, all the cool kids are part-time DJs.


Credit: Triangle DJ Academy Gallery

  • Triangle DJ Academy is located NC but is currently relocating to Richmond. 

Art League– Everyone loved art class in elementary school, so why stop the fun? Just because you have a career and responsibilities doesn’t mean that you have to give up hobbies. If you are interested make sure to sign up for classes sometime between January and February.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at The Torpedo Factory. 105 N Union St, Alexandria. 

Build a Birdhouse–  You don’t have to be a natural born carpenter to learn the skills to make a crafty birdhouse from scratch.  These quick studio classes will teach you the in and outs of crafting with local wood, no fuss.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center. 3501 2nd St, Arlington. 

Mimi Clark’s Vegan Cooking Classes– Vegans do not believe in eating any animal products, even things like honey and milk are off limits for practicing vegans. Some do it for animal rights, others for health. While the physical benefits of eating vegan are still debatable in the world of nutrition, vegan meals are sometimes incredibly delicious recipes for you to spice up (literally) your routine with. Explore new cuisine with these classes.

Credit: Mimi Clark’s Blog

  • Located at 9302 Hallston Ct, Fairfax Station. 

Washington Wine Academy– This is a nonprofit wine course that offers everything from wine certification to basic classes and essential tasting events. If beer is what you prefer, then you can take the same types of classes for that as well. Just bring your taste buds and attention to detail.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at the Washington Wine Academy. 1201 S. Eads St, Suite 400, Arlington. 

Arlington Independent Media– Depending on your career or personal hobbies you may want to update your computer skills. There is constantly new software being created and the longer you put it off, the harder it is going to be for you to catch up. So why not take advantage of your resources today? Classes range from studio to field production.

Credit: Arlington Independent Media Gallery

  • Located at 2701-C Wilson Blvd, Arlington.

Pole Pressure– You may have heard that one of the latest trends in health and fitness is pole dancing. Despite what your initial reactions may be, reviews are generally gleaming. It is a total body workout that builds both strength and endurance. Nonetheless, it is rather alternative. If you’re up for the challenge try out a beginner’s class.

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons

  • Located at 2304 A Huntington Ave, Alexandria. 

Vinyassa Yoga and Meditation– Yoga studios these days are just about as ubiquitous as Starbucks it’s hard to decipher what studios are really special. Vinyassa is a specific type of yoga that focuses on practicing the movements in a fast pace with the goal of raising your heart rate and getting you to break a sweat. The meditation portion is a brief 15 minute silent reflection at the end of each class.

  • Located at Journey Yoga. 2501 9th Rd Suite 95, Arlington. 

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