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One of my most requested projects from clients is a color consultation. It is one of the first steps to a home re-style so it’s totally overwhelming when you aren’t used to it. If you have a large room, or many rooms, finding the right combination of colors that compliment you and the space can be very tricky.

A lot of people stick with the builder gray or beige out of fear of changing it, or convenience of not having to change it, but I swear- once you do paint with colors that are yours and representative of you and your aesthetic, it makes a world of difference. Your furniture, wall art, and accessories instantly pop. With the right wall color, everything instantly becomes fresh again. It also saves you money in your decorating budget. It is the fastest, easiest, least expensive way to make the most dramatic difference. So if I were going to coin a new term, I would even go as far as saying its convenience to impact ratio is unmatchable. 🙂

The reason it can be so tricky is because people get caught up in the many ways color is shown. Colors can be seen on a small or a large color chip, in a fan deck, painted on a wall from a paint sample- wet or dry, painted on another wall color, painted on top of a primer, on a computer screen, in a picture of a completed room, in matte, eggshell, or glossy finishes, on just an accent wall. Some colors are multidimensional and change colors at different times of day. They appear different under florescent lights, natural light, dim light, candle light. Whew! I understand how it can get frustrating. 14.1 318

Honestly, you never know exactly how a color will look completed in your room, on your walls, until it is rolled on and dry in your room and on your walls. So here’s what I do for clients. Once I figure out the general color and mood that we are going for I pick one base color. This is usually a neutral taupe, white, grey, or sand color for the hallways, stairs, landings, etc. I then find the right shade of the color depending on the clients interests. Are they looking for warm and cozy, open and cool, modern, rustic, bright, bold? I don’t pick too many different colors to avoid looking like a circus funhouse. 😉 Then I pick the colors and cut them off of the paint chips. I hold up only the colors that I am using next to each other. And I do NOT let the name of the color affect my choice. I follow my instinct, and then I wait over night. The next morning when I see the combination together, with fresh eyes, if I am still excited about it, I don’t look back. 14.1 315

Sometimes all you need is a refresh with your wall colors. So follow your gut, don’t go crazy, and remember that you can always repaint again and again. It changes the whole feel of your space, and it will make you smile. So contact me here if you would like a color consultation, and find your favorite place to decorate at Thanks!! 

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Teri Clar

Teri Clar

Teri is a interior designer, entrepreneur, and a writer in Washington DC area.