Club Sports in the Metropolitan Area

Getting exercise doesn’t have to mean another dull date with the treadmill, join one of the many adult sports leagues in DC, Maryland, or Virginia! It’s a great way to meet new people and break a sweat all at once.

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DC Social – Its hard to meet new people in DC if you are new to the area outside of work. One way to both meet new people and be active is through this adults sports and social club. You can register for pretty much any sport you can think of and attend weekly games with other teams.

  • Locations vary based on the specific team schedule. 

Zog Sports– Fall registration is now open for everything from basketball to dodgeball. With Zog, its more about having fun together than the score, but that doesn’t mean that players won’t give it their all.

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  • Locations vary  based on the specific team schedule.

Capital Rowing Club– Programs exists for all experience levels and a pretty fair range of time slots. For example, if you aren’t much of a morning person there is an evening team that meets weekly.

  • Located at Anacostia Community Boathouse, 1900 M St, SE. 

WAKA Kickball– This group is known for some quality kickball action and legendary post game parties. This is a volunteer run program so even if you aren’t into kicking the ball and running the basis, you can still be a part of the social atmosphere.

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  • Locations vary based on the specific team schedule.

 WAFC Ultimate Frisbee– This is a 2,800 member nonprofit club that is dedicated to the promotion of “flying-disc sports” in the DC area. Players include all skill levels and this is a great way to stay in shape and have some fun.

  • Locations vary based on the specific team schedule. 

Capital Coed Soccer– This is one of the more competitive sports clubs in DC. According to their mission statement, the goal (no pun intended), is to build relationships between soccer players the soccer community.

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  • Locations vary based on the specific team schedule. 

DC Softball League– During the summer this bath of softball enthusiasts meets every day of the week except Fridays and Saturdays to share their love of the sport. Anyone can sign up regardless of how far along in the season it is, and registration takes places online.

  • Located on the Ellipse grounds in front of the White House. 


Quicken Loans National Gold Tournament– This tournament will consist of 120 PGA tour players from all over the world. These professionals will be competing for a grand prize of $6.5 and to raise funds and awareness for the Tiger Woods Foundation.

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  • Takes place on June 29th at the Congressional Country Club, Bethesda

Play Action Sports and Social Club– You can chose to join a team and play volleyball, wiffleball, kickball, dodge ball, and football all in one day. Teams are not tied to a specific sport so it is more about meeting interesting people with this club.

  • 1 Meadow Springs Dr, Bel Air. 

Rockville Sports– Tennis, softball, and volleyball are the name of the game in Rockville. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up and team positions are decided by team members through a democratic process.

Frederick County Sports League– The adult sports are limited to Men’s basketball and flag football. While this isn’t the best selection, it could still be an attractive idea if you are a male in the Frederick area.

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  • Located at 355 Montevue Lane Suite 100, Frederick

Montgomery County Sports– This team coordinated competitive sports leagues, clinics, camps, and even tournaments for adults and seniors. The teams are on a seasonal basis.

MOCO Social Sports– This is a active social club that started just a few summers ago in 2007. They organize sports and social events specifically for people 21 and older. The goal is to provide a fun and entertaining leisure time experience.

Howard County Sports– Registration for fall adult and senior sports teams are now open. Games are once a week and the teams form their own schedules based on member availability.

  • Located at 7120 Oakland Mills Rd, Columbia


Fairfax Athletics– This is the largest co-ed men’s and women’s adult sports league with over 1110 teams. Both team and free agent registration is available for all seasons. Teams are divided by skill level to keep things fair during games.

  • Locations vary based on specific team schedules. 

Hampton Backyard Sportsclub– Meet new people, network, drink, and get some exercise with the Hampton Backyard Sportsclub. The twist to this club is that every game is accompanied by a good old fashioned picnic.

  • Locations vary based on specific team schedules. 

Virginia Flag Football Association– This is a very competitive flag football league that even has volunteer coaches and intense training sessions. You have to join the league at the start of the season or wait until the next round of registration to join.

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  • Located at 12777 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax

Major League Bocce Richmond– The main pillars of this group are beer, meeting new friends, and rocking the bocce court. This is a bit more unique that the average adult league simply because of the sport. Events require the purchase of a ticket but that only means that no commitment is require.

  • Locations vary based on specific team schedules. 

Ashburn Icehouse Adult League– This adult hockey league offers four divisions for players to join. Each division is for a specific skill level. The league plays two seasons a year and each has 20 games before the play offs.

  • Located at 21595 Smith Switch Rd, Ashburn. 

Star City Roller Girls– If you’ve ever been curious and wanted to try out roller derby, this is your chance! This Roanoke based team of women will show you the ropes and you can experience the thrill yourself.

  • Locations vary based on games, this is regional travel team. 

Triple Edge Lacrosse– This is a game-only league so most people know a thing or two about Lacrosse before they enter the arena so to speak.

  • Located at 14810 Murdock St, Chantilly.


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