These Busy Lawyers Called On a Designer for Their D.C. Loft Makeover

Most clients have similar needs when it come to interior design. They want more space and storage, seating, lighting, comfort, function and style. But in my experience, all of my clients have each had their own unique recipe of qualifications for their dream home makeover.

My clients Joanne and Mark are a fun couple whose need to represent themselves and their travels together definitely ranked at the top of their priority list.

Before& After

Joanne and Mark were looking for subdued color. Their loft-style condo with its neutral walls was lacking in color. They weren’t interested in painting, and they wanted to keep their sofa neutral so that they could potentially use it in the future in a different home.

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They had a media console and bookshelves that they were keeping, and they knew they wanted an upholstered coffee table for comfort. We brought deep reds and navy into the room with pillows, accent chairs and textiles. Mustard-like, yellow pops of color were also incorporated to keep the palette earthy yet bold.

Living Room

 (William Yeung Photography)

Both Joanne and Mark are lawyers, and that definitely played into the design of their space. The living room feels like a study. They have tons of books displayed on their shelves. I love the look of a full bookshelf. It is beautiful and functional; they still reference their books all the time.

When these two aren’t hard at work, they’re off traveling the world, and they have a lot to show for it too! Their paintings, vases, sculptures and photographs have all been collected over time from different countries. They had so much beautiful art to hang on the walls, and that added even more color.

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 (William Yeung Photography)


(William Yeung Photography)

From our very first consultation, we discovered the print that would inspire the rest of the design. Cermak Crete has a global feel that we wanted to represent throughout the room. It also consists of color that is not too overwhelming. I consider navy to be the new neutral, and the burnt red orange in the ikat print was fun to play off of with the rest of the design. We ended up customizing their ottoman/coffee table with the print, and the rest followed along naturally.

Cermak Crete

The sofa, from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, was chosen for its comfort and durability. The end tables are from World Market. They are similar to end tables that Joanne showed me a picture of from a lodge where they once stayed on safari. The chairs are from The Charles Stewart Company and feature custom upholstery that brings out some more color. West Elm had a ton of great accents for the room too, including the rug and the stump.

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Mood Board

This project was a ton of fun. Everything pulled together so cohesively, and Joanne and Mark’s style really prevails. Now they get to sit pretty and dream up their next trip!

If you are looking for a transformation in your home too, please don’t hesitate to contact me here. 🙂 And thank you very much, Apartment Showcase!


(William Yeung Photography)

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Teri Clar

Teri Clar

Teri is a interior designer, entrepreneur, and a writer in Washington DC area.

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