How to Host a Huge Thanksgiving Feast in Your Tiny Apartment

Is your apartment smaller than these tiny hamsters having a tiny thanksgiving dinner? Tinier than these dogs dressed up as turkeys?

Well, don’t worry, you don’t need a shrink ray in order to enjoy the most excessive of holiday meals. There are plenty of crafty ways to get around your space constrictions and keep your guests fed and happy as well. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen for hosting a massive meal in a miniature space.

Double (or Triple!) Up on the Crock-Pots
Stove space is at a premium in a small kitchen — especially if you’ve already had to pull out one of the oven racks to make room for the turkey. Instead of cooking and reheating, cooking and reheating, try making a couple of your sides in a Crock-Pot. Any spare outlet can easily become an oven range. And lest you think that it’s impossible to reach sweet potato perfection in a slow cooker, check out these great Turkey Day Crock-Pot recipes that lay it all out.

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Slow and steady: If you're short on oven space, consider using a Crock-Pot to cook your side dishes. (Janine via Flickr)

Slow and steady: If you’re short on oven space but not on counter space, consider using a Crock-Pot to prepare your side dishes. Just be sure to allot plenty of cooking time. (Janine via Flickr)

Keep Food Warm Any Way You Can!
When you’re short on room, it’s time to resort to some guerrilla tactics to heat your dishes. The radiator, a toaster oven, an electric griddle or even an electric blanket can all become makeshift ovens in a pinch. And for liquids like gravy, try stowing them in an insulated coffee mug. Just make sure to rinse it out thoroughly come Monday!

Buffer the Buffet
A buffet-style service saves space, but guests want to be where the food is, and in cramped areas, there’s not a lot of room for milling around. Instead of a large, space-hogging spread, create food stations using end tables, coffee tables and counters. If you’ve got a real thing for uniformity, you can cover each spot with matching tablecloths to create a feeling of consistency.

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Give Your Folding Chairs Some New Life
Seating is scarce in a small apartment. Beyond a sofa or love seat, you probably don’t have many spots on hand. Folding chairs can help, but they’re so pedestrian. That’s why we love this folding chair makeover tutorial. It’s the perfect way to jazz up those extra chairs and keep things festive.

Put Your Ironing Board to Use (Finally!)
Short on counter space? We adore this alternate use for an ironing board. It looks like it could fit right into any country kitchen, and it’ll give you a spot to lay out your buffet, saving the kitchen for any chopping and mixing you have left.

caption: an alternate use for your ironing board. (

Double duty: Turn your ironing board into a clever, self-service station for food or drinks. (

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Just Say Screw It and Head Out
If all else fails, pack up your bags, head out to one of the 100-plus D.C. restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner and save your hosting fantasies for when you have a larger space. After all, there’s always next Thanksgiving — and now you have a whole year to find a bigger apartment on!

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Erin Vaughan

Erin Vaughan

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