Alone but Not Lonely: The Benefits of Living by Yourself

There are people who live alone because they feel there is a need to do so, and they prepare for it like you would prepare for a college exam. For them, it’s a relief to leave their parents’ house to face a life of loneliness. But is this really loneliness or a new life full of lots of benefits?

Few would argue the fact that you can save a considerable amount of money when you live with roommates, but there are also some advantages to living alone and not having a roommate. What one person may consider a benefit another person may see as a disadvantage. Here are some reasons you may want to think about giving your roommates the heave-ho and keeping your apartment all to yourself.

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Alone Doesn’t Mean Lonely
Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. You have plenty of time to socialize with others on your own time. This also opens the door for you to be able to have company and throw parties whenever you want without having to explain. Many people have the wrong opinion when it comes to people who live alone. They assume that living alone means being lonely, but that’s not the case.

benefits of living alone

Kick back and relax: Living solo means you’ll likely have to shell out more for rent, but at least you’ll have the whole place to yourself. (davejdoe via Flickr)

No More Sharing the Remote
Living alone means you don’t have to talk to anyone about having company, scheduling shower times or sharing the television. You don’t have to order cable channels if you don’t want to, and you don’t even have to argue over the temperature of the house. This also gives you sole control over your finances. Being the only person in the home, you get to determine how much hot water to use and how much food is needed.

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Come and Go Whenever You Want
Life changes on a daily basis. If something in your life changes, you will want the opportunity to make last-minute decisions without worrying about how they will affect others. You can also leave home whenever you want to without having to explain where you are going and how long you will be gone.

You Decide When It’s Time to Clean
Are you a very neat person or kind of a slob? Don’t mind a sink full of dirty dishes? Or are you the kind of person that has to clean up immediately after a meal? Whether you’re tidy or messy, when you live alone, you can live the way you want without worrying about nagging or inconveniencing someone else.

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Furnish, Paint and Decorate as You See Fit
Living alone means that you get to make the place your own. You can decorate things the way you want, like choosing furniture or deciding the color of your walls, allowing you to make your entire apartment — not just your bedroom — really feel like your home.

Time for Your Passions
Living alone has no influence on who you are and how you operate. Most of the time people that live alone are able to pursue their dreams and passions with greater ease. If that means you have to quit your job or move to a new city, you can pick up and go without giving your roommates advance notice.

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