Apartment-Worthy Last-Minute Holiday Decor Ideas

Yipes! Almost the end of December already? How did that happen? Oh yeah, it was probably while you were busy throwing that big project together for your boss, taking those extra barre classes to ward off the holiday pounds, and going on a series failed Tinder dates so you’d have someone to bring home to evade the insidious “how’s your love life” questions.

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Whether you (or your boss, or your barre class instructor, or the tigers of Tinder!) are ready or not, the holidays are here! But fortunately, you don’t have to have slaved all year like a dang holiday elf to reach pique seasonal decor, nor do you have to own your own palatial Christmas cabin à la Kylie Minogue. There are plenty of decor ideas that will fit into your small apartment–and your cramped schedule!

CC image via Andy Rusch on Flikr

Decor ideas when you’re on a time crunch don’t have to be a pain in the neck. CC image via Andy Rusch on Flikr


Unique Garlands

One of our favorite trends this year has been the bevy of adorable garland DIYs that have come out. Now, we know you may be thinking “homemade garland–that’s going to take forever!” but these are not your grandma’s popcorn projects. For instance, this cupcake holder garland is great because the pieces are strung far apart, which means you can make it in no time. Plus, what else are you going to do with those holiday cupcake ingredients you still haven’t had time to use? Another one we’ve been going gaga for is this polka dot garland. What a great and adorable way to save space in a small apartment!

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Greenery Door Decoration

This one’s easy on the budget! This time of year, hardware stores and tree farms are up to their ears in cast off greenery from tree trimming, and are usually more than willing to donate a few choice pieces to anyone who asks. One man’s holiday trash is another man’s treasure! We love the idea of gathering a few branches with a ribbon and few bells. Bingo! A beautiful, low-cost door decoration.


Door Decoration

This simple garland door knocker idea is a quick and easy festive fix! Credit: Door Decoration by Erin Vaughan


Wall Decal Trees

Here’s a solution for rooms too narrow to hold a tree: go 2D. These wall decals do double work–they look cool and they give you a place to stash the presents without all the fallen needles. No trimming, decorating, or watering needed! Just slap them on and you’re ready to go!

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Ornament Centerpieces

The bad news is, your friends had to move the holiday party, but the great news is, they’re going to have it at your place! Gee, thanks, guys. Don’t let an impromptu holiday gathering give you the winter blues. A great centerpiece is the stuff of party legend–and you can make one at breakneck speed using ornaments. For our money, we love the idea of planting your baubles in a hurricane glass with a pretty candle. Or even just place them in a nice bowl. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to plan the hors d’oeuvres.


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Erin Vaughan

Erin Vaughan

Erin divides her time between writing and redecorating her apartment to look like a set piece from Little House on the Prairie. Her work has been featured on Rent Café, The Valarta Tribune, and Modernize.com.

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