This V-Day, Go On a Romantic Date Without Leaving Your Apartment

Your bae loves you for you. You know this, because it’s definitely not for your money!

While nothing beats lavishing your love with an exotic vacation, their favorite dish at that chic sushi place you both like or buying them that antique bracelet they’ve had their eye on, sometimes we’re ruled by our funds first and Venus second.

But there’s no need to go announcing your sudden conversion to the anti-Valentine’s set. You just need to get a little creative. With just a few Cupid-inspired touches, you can set your V-day sights on perfection, all without leaving your apartment!

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Apron by Howard Holley on flickr creative commons

Save the date: Do more than just dinner and a movie with these unique Valentine’s Day ideas! (Howard Holley via Flickr)

Cook Together
It’s a classic, sure, but for good reason. The flirt potential on a mutual meal-making sesh’ is high (picture yourself leaning in behind the object of your affection and catching a lingering whiff of your true love’s hair), plus it’s a great chance to show off your refined taste, even if you nabbed the recipe straight from the back pages of “Bon Appétite.” Tips for hitch-free romancing? Nothing sinks a date like a pair of grumbling stomachs. If you wouldn’t stake your life on your cooking skills, then have a backup plan on the ready that you can prepare in a pinch, like a rotisserie chicken or a quick pasta dish.

Great if: It’s only date number three.

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Gaze at the Stars — Then Watch the Sun Rise
There’s no better way to celebrate the poetry of your love than settling down amid nature’s majesty, even if your view of the skyline is more moon-over-parking-lot than hidden mountain vistas. And quiet, darkened glances can definitely lead to stolen kisses — all the way ’til morning if you play your cards right! Have you ever forgotten someone who’s helped you toast the sunrise? No? Well, neither have we!

Great if: You and your love are in that “talk ‘til the sun comes up” phase.

Watch a Movie, with a Twist
OK, everybody knows about the movie date, so how about taking it up a notch? Instead of just mutely watching, pick your desired flick together and google drinking games to go along. It will definitely add a sloppy spark to your V-day festivities. It may not be as romantic as some other options, but you’ll definitely have fun, and what’s more romantic than that?

Great if: Shots bring out your romantic side.

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Pamper Yourselves
This is for the pros out there. Valentine’s Day is a great time to give you and your SO some extra TLC. Start by buying some essential oils (lavender and sandalwood are good ones), grabbing your fluffiest towels, and procuring some bubble bath, if your tub is of an accommodating size. Brush up on your massage technique, give them the most relaxing rubdown of their whole life, then soak yourselves silly while sipping champagne.

Great if: Your SO has already seen you from every angle.

Have a Two-Person Dance Party
Picture this: you and your amour swapping stories of your favorite concert moments, in between breathless bouts of booty shaking. It turns out you were at the same show at the Black Cat, and they were right next to you the whole time! You twerk until the brink of exhaustion, convulsing finally into a pile of giggles and entwined arms. Is smooching in order? You bet! And it can all be yours for the price of a Spotify playlist and a downstairs neighbor that’s been paid off not to complain about the noise!

Great if: You think Valentine’s Day is for squares but still want love to unfreeze your cold, cold heart.

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Erin Vaughan

Erin Vaughan

Erin divides her time between writing and redecorating her apartment to look like a set piece from Little House on the Prairie. Her work has been featured on Rent Café, The Valarta Tribune, and

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