Baby-Proof Your Apartment

When you are moving into your apartment with a baby, it is important that you baby proof the apartment so that the baby will be safe. One thing you should always do is keep furniture or objects with sharp edges away from the baby as they could injure themselves. Another idea is to cover sharp furniture and objects with soft corner cushions. You should also keep all electric cords or outlets at a distance in the apartment for the baby’s safety. Place baby gates in rooms where the baby spends the most time such as the kitchen or bedroom and put all household chemicals in locked cabinets in a high location in the apartment.

Baby-Proof Your Apartment

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The Window 

Never place your baby’s crib near the window because if you have the window open periodically and the baby is curious about playing in the window, they could hurt themselves or worse, fall out the window. You will also need to put childproof locks on the window. Install short instead of long drapes on the windows so that the baby will not get smothered or trip over them.

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The Bathroom

The apartment’s bathroom should also be safe enough for the baby to move around in. If you have a toddler, you should talk to your landlord about placing a rail on the outside of the bathtub so that the little one can enter and leave the tub safely. Put something soft on the tub or sink faucet to protect the baby from injuries. Slip resistant mats are also helpful in baby proofing the bathroom. Install a lock on the toilet lid when no one is using it so that the baby will not stick his fingers or head in the toilet.

The Toys

Not all toys are the safest and if you are giving your baby some toys for the apartment, you need to conduct research on the safety of the toys. In recent years there have been recalls on certain brands of toys and you should keep up with these in order to give the baby safe toys.

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Get Rid of the Clutter

One of the best ways to baby proof your apartment is to eliminate unnecessary clutter from the bookshelves, under the coffee table, and in the middle of the floors. By doing this you keep your baby from injuring himself as he moves around. Install a tall shelf and put the items in storage bins to keep the home organized.

Be Organized

The other rooms in the apartment should be used in storing sneaky baby-stuff. The reason for this is that anything babies use is always found in every room, and to maintain a clean home, at least a shelf, drawer or cabinet should be reserved for baby stuff. Also, ceiling-mounted curtains should be used in hiding storage areas. Parents should always use floor-to-ceiling shelving especially if living in a small apartment. To maintain a serene feel with storage, in front of the shelving from the ceiling, you should hang full-length curtains, sliding them closed to maintain a tidy home.

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Your baby deserves a safe environment to grow in and when you use these steps, you make this reality possible. If necessary, talk with the landlord about making some minor repairs or additions in the apartment so that the baby will be safe in the apartment. Check the smoke detector to ensure that it works properly and never leave your baby unattended for a long period of time. Get assistance from loved ones and friends when needed and educate yourself on home safety. Finally, focus more on the bonding time between you and your baby in the apartment.

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