Bike Storage in Apartments

Bikes are one of the easiest ways to get around a city. They are very economic and maneuverable. If you live in an apartment though, where do you store them? Apartments by nature are small and cramped, so finding the right place for your bike can be tricky. In this article I will give you some tips to where the best places to store your bike is.

The first thing you should do is ask your landlord if he has a storage space for your bike. Many landlords have had to deal with that question before. He might already have the perfect place for you to store it. A lot of time he will have an outside storage shed, a basement or even a garage that you will be able to use.

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Even if your landlord doesn’t have a spot, you can consider yourself lucky that bikes don’t take up much room. Their stream line shape makes storing them easy. The tricky part is if you have more than one bike. Having more than one bike to storage is harder, but with these tips you should be able to find the perfect place for 1 or even 2 bikes.

1. The Balcony – The balcony or an outside post is a good place to store the bike and get it outside your living space. However this will require that you have a good lock for your bike, a good tarp to keep the rain off, would be a good thing to have as well.

2. The Wall – If you have an open wall you can mount it to the wall. The hardware store or the bike shop will have special mounts. The mounts are big hooks with rubber on the hook parts and the hook will screw into the wall. Make sure you screw the mounts into the studs so that they will be properly supported. Then you just take the bike and set it on the hooks.

Bike Storage in Apartments

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3. The Ceiling – The ceiling is usually one of the most open spots in the apartment. Just like the mounts for the walls, they have special mounts for the ceiling. Again you will need to make sure you secure the mounts correctly. For high ceilings you can also set up a pulley system to lift the bike up. The higher the ceiling the better it will be to get the bike completely out of your way.

4. Behind the couch – If you have the room to pull the couch out a few inches, you can simply wheel the bike in behind the couch. This also works behind the entertainment center or a desk as well.

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5. The Bathroom – You can store it in the bathroom, in the tub. How often do you shower? Once a day or every other? Either way the bathroom is a room that is only used a few times a day, making it an ideal spot to store things.

There are storage installation companies and bike rack suppliers that can set up your bike-storage solutions. There are companies which do free on-site assessments, proving layout recommendations and submitting non-commitment proposals. If you cannot hire these companies, bike rack installation is always easy. Initially, the positioning of the lift hooks would be challenging, with lots of adjustments being needed to make the hooks bend to fit around the handle bars. However, with time, you will be able to handle everything without any problem.

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