The Perfect Pup for Your Apartment

So, you’ve finally achieved financial independence and you are in your first apartment. But, after much consideration about getting a pet, you still wonder which dog breeds are most suitable for apartment living. Some dogs are more aggressive than others while others are more suited for single-family homes than apartment complexes. If your neighbors have dogs, ask which breeds they have and about the dogs’ disposition.

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If you love the playful disposition of Dachshunds, then you should get one for the apartment. Dachshunds are generally not very aggressive and children tend to like them a lot so if you have kids in the apartment, a Dachshund would be ideal for them.


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Many apartment dwellers who enjoy dogs get Greyhounds and for good reason. Greyhounds are laid back by nature and do not require a lot of physical exercise although you may need to take them on periodic walks. For the most part, Greyhounds are just happy to receive plenty of affection and time on the couch. Greyhounds also do not bark a lot so they will not disturb your neighbors.

Credit: Lilly 3 by Alan Turkus on flickr creative commos

Credit: Lilly 3 by Alan Turkus on flickr creative commos

Cavalier Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are also friendly pets fit for an apartment. All they need is someone who will love on them daily and who will give them treats throughout the day. Cavalier Spaniels are also easy to train and they are cute creatures.

Considerations Before Moving Somewhere with a Pet

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Another great dog breed is the Pug. Pugs have a sweet and innocent look and disposition about them and they are short in stature. One thing you do not want to do is overfeed your Pug because he gains weight quickly and it is not good for his health.


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The Chihuahua is another ideal dog breed for apartment dwellers and it goes beyond their handsomeness. Chihuahuas learn commands quickly and they can be loud at times when communicating. Most Chihuahuas are good with kids and they need about thirty minutes of exercise a day.

Credit: by Sandra Hintzman on flickr creative commons

Credit: By Sandra Hintzman on flickr creative commons

Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier is a gentle and attractive dog with a beautiful black and white coating. Keep in mind that Boston Terriers can be highly active at times so you will need to look for ways to calm them down during those moments. The Boston Terrier is easily prone to eye disorders and like Pugs, you should not overfeed them.

Boston Terrier

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The Bulldog is another awesome dog breed to have at your apartment. This dog looks so cute and Although they don’t need much room to run and can get lazy at times, once they are wound up they turn into the Energizer Bunny and can play for hours! A Bulldog’s owner must be headstrong and assertive when dealing with this breed, but they make great apartment pets.


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Any of the above mentioned breeds are great to have in your apartment, but be sure to evaluate the dog’s individual behavior before making them a permanent member of your household. Take your dog to the vet regularly and have the dog on a regular schedule. An important thing is the right exercise for any dog to live in an apartment. Lay down some basic ground rules and train your household members on how to treat the dog. Most of all, enjoy your time with your new pup. Make sure that you do your part to thoroughly research the breed your interested in and take responsibility by spaying or neutering your pet. Visit PetFinder to find your new best friend!

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