5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Trash


With the increasing focus on reducing the amount of trash and non-biodegradables we throw away into landfills each year, many people are beginning to make changes in their homes and businesses that deal with the way they dispose of rubbish. Most people are now recycling, but there are several other things you can do to help reduce your weekly trash production. These simple changes to your daily lifestyle will make a big impact on how much you need to throw away.

Reduce your Trash

Reuse More

Many people have already made the commitment to using some reusable items like water bottles, grocery bags, and bag-free vacuums. But there are other things you can be reusing on a daily basis which will help cut down on the amount of trash you generate:

Using these items will not only cut down on the amount of trash you generate, but also help you save money over time by reducing the amount of items you need to buy.

Cute Reusable Diaper

Cloth baby diapers are a great way to save the environment and limit trash output. Kissaluvs. Credit: By Brittany on flickr creative commons

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Buy In Bulk

So much of the trash you throw out each week is made up of packaging for smaller items. Wax bags inside boxes of crackers, individual snack packs of almonds, or individual peanut butter cups all generate a lot of trash. By buying the same items in bulk and separating them into reusable containers yourself, you’ll end up throwing away less. So while those portion controlled snack baggies are great for counting calories, remember that you can actually do the same thing yourself with a little extra time, while saving money and reducing waste.

Try Freecycle

Have a large piece of furniture, an old rug, or some old electronics you were just going to ditch? Consider posting the items on the site Freecycle first. The saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure has never been truer, so save the items you were going to haul to the dump and wait and see if someone else wants them first. You may be surprised at how quickly some items get snapped up.

Stop Junk Mail

Did you know that a lot of the junk mail that shows up in your mailbox each day is because your name is written down on a list somewhere? And that many of these lists can and will remove your name if asked? If you find yourself burdened with enormous amounts of junk mail every time you open the mailbox, take a few minutes to sort through it, and locate the phone numbers listed under circulation. A few minutes on the phone once a week will significantly reduce the amount of junk mail – and aggravation – you get when you check the box each day.

Junk Mail

Pile of Junk Mail. Credit: By Judith E. Bell on flickr creative commons

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Start Reducing Your Trash

You don’t need to begin composting or reusing tea bags to make a significant difference in the amount of trash you dispose of each day. Just make a few easy and comfortable lifestyle changes that will benefit you monetarily, and you’ll soon find that you may need to reduce the size of your trash bin at the curb each week.

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Written by American Disposal Services, your friendly neighborhood waste disposal service provider.

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