7 Apps That Will Be Your Personal Butler

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You’ve got bills to pay, dishes to do, groceries to buy, and an apartment in desperate need of some dusting. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some free time for a change? With the rise of shared economy-apps following in Uber’s footsteps, for a few bucks, you can have these chores taken care of for you. These 7 apps will become your personal butler—giving you the leisure time you deserve.

  1. Hello Alfred: Your All-In-One Butler

Hello Alfred pairs you with a real-life personal butler, called a “dedicated Alfred,” who can restock your fridge, pick up your laundry, and access a whole host of additional services, from mail sorting to cleaning and tidying. The service is designed to anticipate your needs so that the busier you get, the more organized you can be.

Price: $32/week (1 visit), $58/week (2 visits).


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  1. Instacart: Grocery Delivery

Instacart delivers your groceries in less than an hour from the store of your choice. It connects you with grocery stores to order food, schedule your delivery, and transport them to your doorstep. Now you can spend more time cooking and less time worrying about when you’ll be able to get the ingredients you need.

Price: Price of the groceries purchased + delivery fee which varies by size and speed.

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  1. GetWashio: Laundry and Dry Cleaning

The one thing that always piles up is your laundry. With GetWashio, you can place your order and get your dirty laundry picked up, sorted, washed, dry cleaned, and delivered right back to your apartment. Either select a time beforehand or, if you don’t have time to plan ahead, you can select “Get Washio Now” to have someone come by your place in thirty minutes or less.

Price: Varies by clothing item. Regular wash and fold $2.15/pound + $5.99 delivery fee.


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  1. StitchFix: Your Personal Stylist

Imagine Tim Gunn in your living room. For women who have no idea what to wear, Stitchfix does it for you. First fill out a style profile where you’ll select your personal clothing preferences, size, and price range. Then you’ll be connected to a personal stylist who hand picks clothes and delivers them to you. Keep what you love, and send back the rest—you only pay for what you keep!

Price: $20 styling fee (that acts as a credit toward purchased clothes) + the cost of clothes purchased

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  1. Homepolish: Your Interior Designer

Homepolish helps you through the entire interior design process, whether you’re interested in simply redecorating or completely renovating. Rather than talking to a biased sales rep on a furniture floor, you can talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of your posted project. After a consulting meeting, you’re paired with a designer who will provide floor plans and furniture layouts, suggest paint colors and accessories, and even help you get discounted prices for everything you need to buy for your project.

Price: $349 for 3-hour single day session; $130 per hour


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  1. Magnises: Your Personal Bouncer

Magnises offers exclusive access to a work hard, play hard lifestyle. It opens doors, skips lines, and gives you VIP experiences in member-only spaces across the country. The concierge team is like your personal butler, allowing you to make last minute dinner and hotel reservations or hit up the hottest new bar.

Price: Base package is $250/year



Cool Venue

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  1. 24 Me: Your Virtual Personal Assistant

This app plugs your smart phone into your daily life by connecting to utilities, service providers, banks, and your social networks. It automatically reminds you what to do and when. You can take care of most of your tasks from within the app itself, making you more organized and less forgetful. Everything is together in one interface so you don’t have to remember what app does what.

Price: Free!


The only question left is: what will you do now with all of your free time?


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