How to Throw a Prohibition Themed Party in Your Apartment

Do you want to throw a swanky 1920s Prohibition themed party, but you feel limited by your apartment? Follow these tips for a bash no one will soon forget!

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  1. Decorations
Old beer bottles make great vases

Save and wash old bottles for an old timey feel!

There are several damage free and cost-effective things you can do to create the perfect speakeasy! Pinterest has dozens of free printables that you can hang using painter’s tape, including prohibition era posters, old photos, and advertisements. Gold accents help add a bit of sparkle and places like Ross have affordable cloth doilies to give an authentic 20s feel. You can also recycle empty glass bottles to use as vases for a unique touch!

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  1. Food Prep

Most apartments heat up fairly easily when the oven is used; combine that with a handful of people and you’ll have one bummer of a bash on your hands. Taking heat and ease of recipe into consideration there are quite a few era-appropriate dishes you can put together! Pretzels, charcuterie, Reese cups, and grilled cheese were all hits in the 20s and will go over well with a group of hungry imbibers!


  1. Hors d’oeuvres and Beverage Setup
Polish your thrift store finds and make them shine like new.

Polish your thrift store finds and make them shine like new.

Most people who live in an apartment will agree that space can be hard to come by when hosting an event. Tiered serving trays help clear up valuable real estate while still providing ample serving space. I was able to find a silver two tier serving tray at Goodwill for less than $10 and with a little baking soda; I was able to return it to its sparking silver glory! If you’re pressed for space and have access to a few bags of ice, you can store and chill your alcohol in the bathtub like a true bootlegger!

Add in a jazzy playlist and a few costumes and your party is ready to roar!


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by Shannon Brown

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