Alone on Valentine’s Day? Don’t Sweat It!

First let me just say that I find V-day to be a bit cliché and also mostly a consumer holiday, but it’s just another reason to buy yourself chocolate and celebrate! If you’re single, in a long-distance romance, or just want to go solo on V-day there are all sorts of ways to treat yourself a little extra on the heart holiday. Whether you want to avoid crowds and curl up in your apartment or dive right into the festivities, I hope there’s something on this list for everyone.

Take a Bath & Buy Some Fancy Wine

Have a cozy night in. Treat yourself. Valentine’s Day is a terrific day for self-care, loving yourself, and bath bombs.

Make Yourself a Special Meal

Stay in but go to a favorite grocer and buy some of your favorite ingredients. Be good to your body and mind with nourishment and enjoy the process of making the meal. A solo but richly prepared meal can feel incredibly satisfying.

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Go Wine Wasting

I recommend Groupon for some of the best wine tasting deals, and believe it or not, many DC restaurants have their own mini tastings or wine flight options. Grab your gals or just yourself and head to a fun tasting!

Credit: By @ccfoodtravel on flickr creative commons

Credit: By @ccfoodtravel on flickr creative commons

You don’t even have to leave your apartment to enjoy a spread of wine and cheese, my other recommendation is to check out Total Wine and More and stock up on some new flavors, get in your jammies, light a few candles, and let it rip.

Take Yourself to the Movies

Catch the latest Fifty Shades matinee, feel the girl power in Hidden Figures, or wait until after V-day and hit up the DC Independent Film Festival (DCIFF) which runs from February 15th – 20th. Going to the movies or to a play is one of my favorite solo activities.

Read Somewhere Special

I love reading. One of my favorite ways to celebrate love is to read about it somewhere special. Pick up some poetry or a D.H. Lawrence novel and find a corner in a coffee shop. Enjoy the solace of the page and let the words warm your heart.

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Write a Letter

Maybe you are in a long distance relationship or maybe you just have a friend you are missing someplace far away. Whatever the case, a great way to feel connected to someone else without being physically near them is to write (and maybe even send) them a letter. Tell your friend, parent, S.O. or even yourself everything you love about them in a handwritten card. You’ll feel good and they will be overjoyed when they receive it.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Credit: Red Roses by Dave Parker

Credit: Red Roses by Dave Parker

It’s easy to get the blues in February, the DMV gets pretty grey this time of year. Perk up and remember that spring is just around the corner – buy yourself a fragrant bouquet as a reminder that winter is almost over.

Go to a Low-Key Concert

See what’s playing at Songbyrd or Comet or any other low-key music venue. Busboys and Poets is having a Jazz Night that looks terrific.

Cupid’s Undie Run

Get in on the action and participate in the Undie Run. You might just fall in love there.

Cupid’s Bar Crawl

Another great chance to meet someone charming, Cupid’s Bar Crawl looks like it could be quite an adventure. Bring a friend or go alone, who knows what could happen!

Geek Out at a Museum

The Spy Museum’s event Sex(pionage): Spies, Lies, and Naked Thighs looks amazing. What could be better than learning something new about love (and/or sex)? If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, there’s a plethora of other museums to choose from.


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