How to Free Up Space in Your Closet for the Fall Season

Do you have too many summer clothes and not enough room to bring in the warmer clothes for the colder season? Below is tips on how to de-clutter your closet in time for the fall season.

Stuck in messy closet

Assess Your Closet

Open up your closet and see what you have. Do you have too many Khakis? Too many blouses? Take things out of your closet that you do not wear often and clothes that may not fit you. Also take out any clothes that have stains, holes, or look really worn.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

If you have clothes that sit in your closet that have never been worn, truth be told, you probably bought those clothes thinking you’d wear them for a special occasion or just bought them  just to buy it. Clothes like this, you should try and sell to a consignment store, a used clothes store, Ebay, or even Poshmark to try and get some money back.

Out With the Old

As far as the clothes that have stains, hold, or look really worn, if they are still wearable, donate these type of clothes to an art studio, the Salvation Army, or re-purpose your clothes. Art studios are always looking for materials to work with. If you don’t want to give up these clothes and are handy with a sewing machine, try re-purposing them. The last few years, people have been re-purposing jeans from different jean scraps. If you want to get rid of your old clothes fast, donate to the Salvation Army.

Age Isn’t Just a Number

If you are to the point in your life where you have a career and a family, it might be time to do away with anything clothes that are too revealing or do not suit your age. Mature up and buy clothes that suit your profession but still fit into your personal lifestyle. Still have crop tops? Keep one or two, but do away with the rest.

In With the New

After purging your unwanted summer clothes from your closet, go on a shopping spree! The fall season is usually around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won’t be needing any more shorts. Have these things in mind when you buy clothes:

  • Do I NEED this?
  • How often will I wear this?
  • Can this have multiple purposes?
  • Is the fabric easy to care for?

If you got rid of some clothes that you wore often, you should probably buy clothes that you will wear just as much. Having versatile shirts and pants that you can wear with literally anything is a great way to save money if you are in a pinch. Have your eye on something but on the line about buying it? Here’s a simple answer, do not buy it! If you see an article of clothing and you instantly fall in love with it; if you need it, buy it. Don’t have enough time to wash your clothes like they should be washed? Avoid buying thin fabrics like rayon and polyester. Cotton is the easiest fabric to care for but if you come across cotton/rayon blend, it will be easy to care for as well.

Do your closet right and purge your summer clothes in order to prepare for the fall season.

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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