The 4 Ps for Giving Your Apartment a Perfect Spring-Fresh Feel

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With sunny skies and warmer weather finally here—or right around the corner depending on your location—it’s time to come out of hibernation and transform your cozy cave into a more serene space. So, when you’re ready to reinvigorate your apartment’s look, consider trying these four Ps for giving your home a perfect Spring-fresh feel.

  1. Polish

After months of cold weather keeping you cooped up indoors, a deep clean is often the first—and arguably the best—step to take towards refreshing your home.

Start by getting rid of any clutter. Toss out the trash and consider donating unwanted items to charitable organizations—or, you could take this opportunity to make a few extra bucks (and possibly a few new friends) by having a yard/sidewalk sale.

Now, it’s time to get out your cleaning supplies and get to work. Weather permitting, consider opening up all your windows to let in the fresh air and allow trapped odors to escape. While you’re cleaning, make sure you pay special attention to any places that are often overlooked. Remember to clean in every corner, under all your furniture, baseboards, lampshades, rugs, and even the refrigerator.

The deeper the clean, the fresher the feel.

  1. Paint

Another great way to perk up your space is a fresh coat of paint. But, before you break out your brushes, check your lease to make sure you won’t be violating any of the terms of your agreement—or, secure permission to paint from the property manager. In the event you’re unable or not allowed to paint, there are still a number of great ideas for adding color to your space. Otherwise, let’s get ready to roll.

Aside from giving your walls a clean coating, free of any superficial marks, smudges, or stains, painting can also dramatically change the look of any room. Therefore, selecting the right colors to achieve the feel you want can be a tough task. Before you choose, check here and here to help you make the best decision. In general, softer shades tend to open up smaller spaces, while darker tones tend to create a more cozy effect.

Whether you try something new or keep the color classic, repainting is a surefire way to bring a fresh feel to your home.

  1. Placement

Are you sick and tired of constantly sitting in the same chair or staring at the same layout every time you’re in your apartment? Sometimes, simply rearranging your furniture, pictures, and other decorative pieces can have remarkable results when you’re trying to refresh the look and feel of your space.

In smaller spaces, your options can be limited, but even moving your sofa to a new wall or relocating a bookcase to the opposite corner of the room can have the same refreshing result. You could also try taking a more minimalist approach to your home’s look in order to achieve the feel of a larger space by removing any unnecessary seating or decoration.

Where you choose to place your furniture can completely change the way you (and others) see your space.

  1. Plants

This one is pretty straightforward. Literally, bring new life to your home by incorporating some potted or hanging plants to into your décor. After all, what’s better than a thriving plant to give the appearance of a space that’s both vibrant and fresh? Check here for some great ideas on choosing the perfect plants for your apartment

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