4 Reasons to Get a Dog for Your Apartment

Man’s best friend is a truly wonderful creature. Unlike its chief rival, he’ll stand up for you, sit down for you, give you his paw and love you unconditionally (well, most dogs will).

Hey, I love cats, I have one myself, but growing up I had a dog and still miss her. What a wonderful girl she was. Hopefully one day when it’s more practical, I’ll once again have a canine.

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Here are four reasons to get a pooch for your lovely apartment in Rockville.

  1. Companionship – The city can be cold, heartless, downright mean. And it can be a lonely place at times as you commute to work looking at myriad sullen faces, deal with harried store keepers with little time for you and the bag of apples you’re purchasing, and jerks beeping their horns when you slow down looking for a parking spot; hey, at times like these, the city can seem like a harsh reality. Enter a rescued dog. Oh, the feelings of unconditional love a wet nose, panting breath, wagging tale and a friendly tongue can invoke. Dogs actually care. I mean, we humans have bred them to care, so they better.
Dog park (Taro the Shiba Inu via Flickr)

Social worker: Does your social life need a bit of a lift? Regular trips to your local dog park are a great way to bond with your pooch — and potential new friends. (Taro the Shiba Inu via Flickr)

  1. Protection – This is a gimme if you live in a rough part of town, and maybe even in the tony part, because then the creeps will think you have something worth taking. A big, strong, loudly barking German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher would certainly deter a faint-hearted would-be robber, or even a tough one. And people wouldn’t likely fool with you if you were tugging around a pit bull or Rottweiler by the leash, either. For women, a fierce-looking dog and an icy stare is good way to ward off guys on the make or ones with bad intentions. But, if you see someone you kinda like …

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  1. Friend-Maker – Your canine friend can be a chick or guy magnet. Dog lovers usually like other dog lovers, and if you own a friendly enough dog who doesn’t flip out at the sight of another mutt, or better yet, is a canine parkfly, you may be able to parlay the doggie fun into a friendly conversation. This is a great way to meet people, whether you “like them like them,” or just “like them.”
  1. Exercise – OK, let’s clear this up right away: I’m not suggesting you get a dog only for the fact that you’ll be getting sufficient exercise walking or even jogging alongside the pooch. But, on the other hand, if you’re a lazy sort and consider walking to the fridge a chore, you just turned 30 and your physique is starting to look it, or you desperately need the motivation to get out that door with a pair of tennis shoes on your feet, having a dog makes you make the effort.

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Dogs need to be walked, some more than others. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you enjoy your 20-minute walk with your buddy so much that it has you looking into walking more on your own? Either way, if you own a dog, preferably an active breed, this could only benefit your health. No matter what your mood, you have to let them at least relieve themselves. Hopefully, your Lab or Springer Spaniel mix will demand you get your rear moving on that sidewalk!

For those of you in wheelchairs, here’s a good video from PUSHliving.com that gives you a nice demonstration on how to walk your dog while in a wheelchair; at the time this video was published, site founder Deborah Davis was looking for suggestions on making a contraption for just this purpose.

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Scott D

Scott D

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