Thinking of Getting a Cat for Your Apartment? Here’s What You’ll Need.

Matching Cat and Chair! Fancy Cat. Credit: By Fanny on morguefile

Having a cat can be so much fun, but there are things you should consider before bringing home a cute new friend. Cats are a big responsibility and you need to be prepared to deal with the mischief and mayhem they’ll cause. If you do decide to get a furry friend, these gadgets will help make your life a little bit easier.

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ScoopFree Litter Box

Many cat owners will tell you that cleaning the litter box is one of the worst things about having a cat. With this litter box you won’t have to clean at all! It automatically scoops the waste and locks it away so you can’t smell it. All you have to do is throw out and replace a disposable tray every few weeks.

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Sunny Seat

Another thing cat owners will tell you is that cats love to look out the window. This can be an issue if you have curtains or blinds because the cat will destroy them when trying to look outside. This window-mounted cat bed will solve this problem instantly. Just suction cup the bed to your window and the cat will happily sit all day and gaze outside.

The Original Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

The Original Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed


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Cat Tree

When you first bring your new cat home, especially if it’s a kitten, they’re bound to get into trouble. Your cat is going to need some way to get rid of all its energy, and a cat condo is perfect. This tower will give your new cat both somewhere to play and tire itself out, and somewhere to sleep.

Cat Condo in Use

Sasha Testing out the New Cat Condo. Credit: By praline3001 on flickr creative commons


Automatic Feeder

If you don’t have time to be constantly refilling your cat’s bowl but want portion control, this automatic feeder will make your life easy. Simply program how much and how often you want the bowl to be filled. This is perfect for people who work all day, or for when you want to go away for a weekend and leave your cat home.

Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder, Black, 10 pounds.

Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder, Black, 10 pounds.


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Cat Charmer

While cats may not be as playful as dogs, there are still plenty of ways to have fun with your cat. One of these ways is with this cat wand. Simply wave it around in front of your cat and he or she will grab and swat at it. It’s a great way to bond with your new cat and keep them entertained.

Playful Kitty

Rawr! Credit: By Jessica Preble on flickr creative commons


Catnip Mice

Another fun toy for your cat are these catnip-spiked mice. Catnip will give your cats a burst of energy and then cause them to go into a relaxed state. No need to splurge for fancy, expensive toys, because your cats are sure to love these simple mice. Plus, the fiberfill in them is made from 100% recycled plastic so it’s environmentally friendly. 

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice, 3 Pack

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice, 3 Pack


These products will alleviate some of the stress that comes from a new pet, so you can focus on enjoying your new “furever” friend! 


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