He Thinks, She Thinks: A Night on the Town in Georgetown, Part 1

A five-part tale of “boy meets girl” – told from both perspectives – in swanky Georgetown.


Friends at a bar

Grin and bar it: Despite Georgetown’s relatively small footprint – it’s tucked between Rock Creek Park and the Georgetown University campus in Northwest – the neighborhood boasts dozens of upscale bars and restaurants.

Hot dogs! We’ve been out for a couple of hours carousing along M Street, and things are really starting to get fun.

I’m out with Phil, Pete and Larry, and it’s in full swing. I’ve downed three, 25.4- ounce Foster’s in a couple hours (plus half a can they made me leave back at some other joint I can’t even remember the name of, always a signifier of a good time), and I’m lit and feeling young, strong, like a bull here in Georgetown in Northwest. These guys are my best friends from high school, and even though we all live in different cities pursuing decidedly different lifestyles (Larry’s into veganism and yoga in San Francisco, for crying out loud!), we’ve all vowed to get together at least one weekend a year for some good times.

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This year, I was particularly psyched to show them my new place in Georgetown, a neighborhood whose bars we all tried to sneak into more than once while growing up in Silver Spring. Georgetown was always one of the places we talked about and revered, like it was a house on the hill we aspired to. When we turned that magic number, we were in like Flynn, except by then none of us lived here anymore except during summers … some of us anyway. At 16 or 17, with hormones and dreams bouncing around our craniums, this was Mecca alright. Now, here we all are once again.

These days, Pete’s out in Colorado finishing up his Ph.D. in comparative literature; Phil’s in New York City in investment banking and making a killing; Larry’s weirder than ever out on the West Coast, working as a paid activist of some sort; and me, well, I’m basically the same thing on the opposite side of the coin, toiling away for one of those loathed special interest groups, but I ain’t complaining about the paycheck. It’s called America, Bud. I didn’t write the rules. I only play the game … and within the law. But not tonight! Tonight, there are no laws, except the law of the Four Horsemen! And we are out to score!


Jenny won’t stop complaining about Brad. We love her but come on. We’re out tonight to get away from all our troubles, not add to them. And troubles they are. She was in the bathroom earlier at the Front Porch crying about him, and Sue had to go in to comfort her. I’m a woman and all, but this is a bit much. Thankfully, Mara’s with me.

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We’re both single and wouldn’t mind meeting a man of our own tonight, but if that’s what we have to look forward to … this chick is just bringing us down. And about the stupidest, most trivial things! So he wanted to go golfing in South Carolina this weekend and forgot to tell you … or he forgot himself, she keeps changing the story slightly with every retelling. Hello, he’s human. Humans make mistakes and forget things. And, hello again, he’s male, a man, and they’re not exactly known for being thoughtful.

OK, Jenny. We understand. We love you, we really do, but we just wish you’d take the melodrama and go watch E! for a few hours or that horrid Bret Michaels show you always TiVo, break out the Chocolate Fudge Brownie or call up that other crybaby Mary, anything. Just let us have a little fun tonight. We’ve got troubles too, but you don’t see us pushing them on everyone else.

This is Georgetown, and we’re here to have a little fun!

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