He Thinks, She Thinks: A Night on the Town in Georgetown, Part 4

A five-part tale of “boy meets girl” – told from both perspectives – in swanky Georgetown.


Oh, no. What am I doing? What am I gonna …

“How are you ladies doing tonight?”

“We’re doing good,” the one in red trots out. She’s kinda cute. “But probably not as good as you from the looks of things!”

This gets a good giggle from the girls, and we all have a laugh.

“Yeah, me and my friends don’t get a chance to get out much … or out much together as it were. We all live in different parts of the country. I’m Steve, by the way,” I reach for the one in red’s hand, and she takes it.

“I’m Mara, but shouldn’t you be talking to her?” She looks at the girl in purple, and we lock eyes.

“Hello, miss. I’m Steve.”

She smiles and takes my hand. “I’m Danielle. How are you?”


OK, so he’s here. He’s cuter closer up, and I actually feel butterflies in my stomach, which usually doesn’t happen with me unless … Play it cool, I’ve got to play it cool.

“You know, we were standing over there talking about Georgetown because we grew up in the area,” he says, “and this was always kinda like the beacon on the hill, you know, the place we’d always sneak into … well, not this place in particular, but, you know, in general.”

“Really? All four of us grew up around here, too. Two of us in Arlington, one in Springfield, and Sue grew up in Maryland.”

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Montgomery Village! I’m the outcast, the only Marylander in the bunch.”

“Oh, don’t feel so bad. Me and my crew grew up in Silver Spring, and we all graduated together at Montgomery Blair High School back in 2000. We’re still tight; can you believe it?!”

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“Oh, really?” Jenny pipes up. “We didn’t know you were so old. Well, I guess with age brings experience and wisdom, they say.”

I smile at her, but my eyes are poison darts, and I turn toward Steve again. “That’s Jenny; she’s been having a rare day.”

“Don’t I always,” Jenny says, staring off to the side, bored look on her pretty face.

Why am I friends with this girl again?

Next I introduce him to Mara who gives him what looks like a leer but what might be a smile posing as a leer, and then to Sue, who in typical Sue fashion perks up about seven kilowatts, beaming practically electric: “It’s very nice to meet you, Steve!” She shakes his hand, smiling. Sue went to cotillion school, and we never let her forget it. Looking over his shoulder toward his “crew,” she says, “Why don’t you invite your friends over?”

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Scott D

Scott D

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