Celebrate the Old Country at the City-Wide Kids Euro Festival

Kids Euro Festival

Pulp fiction: In Spain’s “Kraft,” paper becomes an instrument of nature, creating sounds of crashing waves, rustling leaves and the crackling of a fire, all the while telling stories. (Kids Euro Festival)

And here we thought that summertime was chock-full of festivals. For the lucky D.C. renter, it’s party time all year, as the 4th Annual Kids Euro Festival proves.

(OK, OK, so it’s a kids festival. Plenty of renters out there have kids, so chill out for a second.)

This is a really long one in duration, too, stretched out over nearly a month from October 14 to November 10, featuring more than 200 free events throughout the metro area.

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It’s not exactly a festival in traditional terms but more a month-long series of events for kids and families. Still, those are some impressive numbers no matter how you slice it.

In fact, the festival’s site claims it’s “the largest performing arts festival of its kind” in the country. The event is presented by the 27 countries of the European Union in collaboration with 16 capital-area cultural institutions and is organized by the French-American Cultural Foundation. Here’s a list of sponsors.

So what will you find at the gigantic, multi-venued, nearly month-long festival dedicated to the European spirit? The better question may be: What won’t you find? Kids aged 2-12 will get to see a bit of their heritage though everything from puppetry, dance and music to theater and storytelling.

The number of venues are legion and represent a veritable who’s who of area arts and cultural institutions, including the American Film Institute, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Strathmore and the National Gallery of Art.

The schedule of events is so big, that it takes not one but two pages to show what’s going on.

The activities at the Kids Euro Festival are very diverse. Kids and their families can view 16 films and approximately 150 performances, as well as take part in approximately 75 workshops.

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On October 19 at the Cleveland Park branch of the District of Columbia Public Library, help the kids celebrate Greece with music, a story, a film, crafts and a traditional treat.

On October 29, bring the youngsters and check out Swedish jazz singer Sarah Riedel perform “Pippi in America” with her trio at House of Sweden (home to the Embassy of Sweden) on K Street.

Or catch Bulgarian puppet show “Bon Bon Ole” at the Montgomery Community College Arts Center in Takoma Park, Md., on November 5.

When I write that there are too many things to list, well, this time I mean it. Go ahead — especially those of you with children — get on the site, scroll around and see what grabs your fancy.

In many cities, events like the Kids Euro Festival would be the anomaly, but for renters in the Washington, D.C, area, you’ve come to expect such cultural enrichment. Lucky you.

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Scott D

Scott D

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