National History, Washington’s Wallpaper on Display at Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Estate

Washington slept here: There’s no need to call ahead. Mount Vernon is open 365 days each year. Even on George Washington’s birthday. (chuck.taylor via Flickr)

Ah, it doesn’t get much more American than this: George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens.

While the nation’s first president needs no introduction from the likes of (or any blogger, for that matter), this link will give him one anyway.

Washington didn’t inherit the estate, which is located south of Alexandria, until after his half-brother Lawrence died in 1752. This timeline is pretty interesting, charting the future first president’s life. In fact, the site, which has recently undergone a great redesign, is very informative about Washington and his estate.

I know, I know. Other than learning about fascinating history, what can the D.C.-area renter do here? Well, first off, the D.C.-area renter can … learn about the fascinating history of George Washington!

(OK, OK, that one wasn’t even funny. But didn’t it remind you of “The Chris Farley Show,” just a little? No? Well, shut up!)

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Not to beat a dead cherry tree, but for those with even shorter attention spans, there’s the Ford Orientation Center.

George Washington’s
Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens

3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy.
Mount Vernon, VA 22309

Once you learn all you can about the man, the myth, the legend, what else is there to do? You know, I bet you were never satisfied at Christmas either. You got the Diamondback but wanted the Hutch? Shame on you. You know how many kids in Africa or India would settle for a Huffy?

Where was I? Oh yeah, things to do…

OK, here’s a good overview of what to expect here, aside from the previously mentioned.

You can check out the beautiful Gardens & Grounds, the Distillery & Gristmill, Washington’s Tomb and even make your way over to see the Heritage Breed Animals.

It seems Washington was big into animal husbandry, and it’s said that no part of the animal went to waste on the farm. These days, we’re happy to report that things are looking up for the four-legged creatures moseying around the grounds, because Mount Vernon is a member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Their monthly calendar is full of events, including Christmas at Mount Vernon, which runs through January 6.

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George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens is open every day, generally during normal business hours.

For general admission, tickets are $15 for adults, $7 for kids and $14 for seniors. Children five and under get in free. Annual passes are available, too.

Mount Vernon may seem a bit far away, but it’s not. The estate is 16 miles south of the city and only eight miles from Old Town Alexandria at the southern end of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Whether you rent an apartment in the city, Northern Virginia or even suburban Maryland, do yourself a favor and take a step back in time to learn a little about your nation’s heritage. You can find more apartment listing information on Apartment Showcase. 

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