Take Yourself Out to the Ballgame This Week at Nationals Park

The spring brings with it many traditional rites. One of these traditional rites in America is associated with the crack of a bat, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the eating of popcorn, peanuts, hotdogs, and the drinking of soda and beers.

Washington Nationals

Stay-cation: Thursday’s D.C. opener is the start of an 11-game home stretch for the Nats. (Keith Allison via Flickr)

I’m talking about opening day for Major League Baseball. Or more specifically, the Washington Nationals home opener on Thursday, April 12, when they play host to the Cincinnati Reds at Nationals Park in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood in Southeast.

Now, whether or not there will be any tickets left for tomorrow’s game by the time you’re reading this is a good question. As posited on this blog before, diehard fans of any event can always hit Craigslist and be happily fleeced by whatever scu … ticket seller is hawking ducats he gobbled up for just such an occasion.

Sorry, that’s the way it works.

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But I know one thing, there’ll be 81 chances to see the Nationals this year, so whether you score tickets for the opener or not, you can still see the team a whole bunch.

Single-game tickets can go anywhere from $10 to $325 (for Lexus Presidents Seats), depending on how close you are to the action and amenities featured. And really, if you can afford those Lexus Presidents Seats, I somehow doubt you’re a loyal reader of this blog.

Regardless of what you can afford, because of the 4,500-square-foot, high-definition scoreboard, there really isn’t a bad seat in this 41,546-seat house.

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It’s true the Nationals aren’t world beaters, but last year they went 80-81. Yeah, those familiar with Major League Baseball, that’s not a typo. For whatever reason, a late-season rainout against the Los Angeles Dodgers was never made up, the baseball Gods not even having the decency to let the team have a chance to even its record. Tsk-tsk. (Maybe I spoke too soon about the 81 chances you’ll have to see them this year. I hope not.)

Well, let’s do our part to make the MLB suits hear our District-area roar of outrage by filling the stadium for each home game in 2012.

Denizens living near a Metro stop are in luck, as Nationals Stadium is located only a block or so from the Navy Yard station on the Green Line. Check out the neighborhood while you’re at it; Capital Riverfront could be your new home.

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