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Another day, another film festival.

Come on, admit it. You love renting in the D.C. area. What other U.S. city not named New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco is likely to feature two rocking film festivals in the same month? OK, maybe you could throw in a couple more cities, but it’s a safe bet to say this is one cultured town.

No? Go write your own blog then. I’m done with you.

Now, to those wise enough to agree with me (send me money, lots of it, I’ll take small bills. Got no problem with ones. Really, I don’t), I’m gonna tell you about the 2012 Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival in the so-named neighborhood in swinging Arlington, a veritable London on the Potomac.

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Presumably in honor of current happenings, the theme this year is “Every Night is Election Night.” The only difference? At least with these movies you know they’re telling lies, as these are fictional tales; yes, even if they are based on real events, à la “All the President’s Men,” the film starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman that deals with the Watergate scandal.

When first researching this post, I had no idea what the theme was as the lineup hadn’t been announced yet. Now I’m happy I’m blogging about it because the festival features what has to be one of the more underrated (as far as I know) dark comedies of all time, 1999’s “Election,” starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick.

This is a film that shows the dark side of the human psyche in a prosaic environment, and it also speaks of human truths and life’s complexity. And as you’ll see at movie’s end, everyone lied to you, and the world is run by self-promoting jerks!

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Well, don’t take my word for it. See it on June 1 yourself.

The festival features 13 films in all, with one screened every Friday beginning at dusk, from June 1 to August 24 at Gateway Park at Lee Highway near Francis Scott Key Bridge. This is a free, rain-or-shine event. Of course, severe weather will cancel the works. Bring your blankets, low chairs, food and drink (excepting alcohol), and have a blast. Given its location, I’m guessing the park at night is very beautiful.

Gateway Park is a stroll from the Rosslyn Metro stop on the Blue/Orange Line.

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Scott D

Scott D

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