Join the Revolution at Ford’s Theatre in Penn Quarter

Reading the Declaration of Independence

#HearYe: In the days before Twitter, you had to wait for the town crier to read the news aloud before you knew what was going on with the Kardashians. (sskennel via Flickr)

The year 1776 is a special one for all Americans; it’s the year the country was born.

Until May 19, a musical of the same name at Penn Quarter’s Ford’s Theatre – “1776” – “dramatizes the impassioned debates of Philadelphia’s Second Continental Congress.”

These were incredible times fraught with peril (sound familiar?), but the Founding Fathers – the men who orchestrated America’s separation from England – stuck it out, literally. There was no coming back from this if they failed in their revolutionary pursuits; and if they did, these brave men could expect imprisonment or worse. Eventually, the Declaration of Independence was signed at the Second Continental Congress.

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Here is an excellent timeline of those historic events for those interested.

Directed by Pete Flynn, this Tony Award-winning musical “showcases the principles, pride and determination that influenced the birth of our nation.”

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511 10th St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004

Ticket prices vary quite a bit; from what I’ve seen online, they go from the $30s all the way up to the $80s.

Again, as I always stress on here, if you want to go, buy now. These tickets have been on sale for a long time already, and there aren’t many left. I’m not sure how many people would sell tickets to a historical play on the Internet … stranger things have happened. As always part two, it never hurts to call the box office itself when inquiring about tickets to a nearly-sold out show.

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If you miss this particular offering, don’t fret. Ford’s Theatre, the Northwest venue where President Lincoln met his untimely demise, has an active events calendar, and here is a list of educational programs the whole family can enjoy.

Ford’s Theatre is located a short stroll from four Metro stations, with the Metro Center (Red, Blue/Orange Lines) and Gallery Pl-Chinatown stops (Red, Green/Yellow Lines) the closest.

So whether one wants to see “1776” or dig into some other facet of American history, Ford’s Theatre gives the apartment renter in Penn Quarter a chance to do just that. Find your next apartment in the area with Apartment Showcase. 

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Scott D

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