Go Fish: Wonders Await at D.C. National Aquarium

Red-bellied piranha

Long in the tooth: The aquarium houses a number of frightful residents, including sharks, snakes, poison frogs and red-bellied piranhas (above). (Gregory Moine via Flickr)

This one is for all the fish lovers out there.

Most everyone around these parts knows about the National Aquarium located in Baltimore, and why not, with more than 16,000 types of creatures calling it home. I’d guess that many, if not most people from the Baltimore area, have visited it, especially if it was around when they were a kid.

But did you know that the National Aquarium also has a venue in Washington, D.C.? Yeah, right in Federal Triangle in Northwest.

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Now, you’ll need to scale down your expectations a mite or two. For instance, this location only contains 1,500-plus animals. But still, there’s plenty enough aqua life here to keep you stimulated. And hey, don’t be a fish snob.

When you come to the Washington, D.C., venue, they’ll give you a 45-minute introduction to America’s Aquatic Treasures, and among the treasures at the aquarium are small sharks, common snapping turtles and American alligators. From the looks of things, fans of the Renaissance Festival we just previewed might like the magical-looking longsnout seahorse. And really, how can one not be fascinated by the red lionfish?

View Larger Map National Aquarium
1401 Constitution Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20230

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True, there’s no sand tiger shark like in Baltimore, but an alligator is still plenty deadly. I wouldn’t want to get the Emerald Tree Boa too angry, either.

The aquarium features four separate Exhibits & Experiences, including the National Marine Sanctuaries, America’s Freshwater Ecosystems, Amphibians Gallery and the Amazon River Basin Gallery.

The National Aquarium is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Adults (12-59) get in for $9.95, military and seniors (60-plus) are admitted for $8.95, and kids (3-11) can see the fish for $4.95. Wee ones (under 3) get in free. So do members.

For apartment renters in the city, the National Aquarium is as close as the Federal Triangle Metro stop on the system’s Blue/Orange Line. Find your next apartment in the area with Apartment Showcase. 

Scott D

Scott D

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  • Scott,

    Thanks for sharing your experience at our DC venue. We are so happy to hear that we had a good amount of species to keep you both satisfied with your experience and a little bit scared! We hope you’ll join us again soon!

    The National Aquarium team