Don’t Miss Oktoberfest in Shirlington on the 5th


For better or wurst: Enjoy the party, pig out on some German beer and sausage, and just let your hair down. All four feet of it. (cliff1066™ via Flickr)

We cover the real important holidays here at Apartment Showcase, or at least the ones where you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

And the renter can’t enjoy themselves more than at Oktoberfest.

We wrote about Capitol City Brewing Company’s 12th Annual Oktoberfest in Shirlington a couple years back and are doing so again. Only they’ve upgraded the shindig a notch or two, now calling it the “Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest” (if they called it this before, my bad). The festival takes place on October 5 at the Village at Shirlington.

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One thing’s for sure, though, it’s even bigger than that beer-and-sausage celebration. The site claims there’ll be 50-plus breweries handing out four-ounce samples, as opposed to 40-plus beer makers back then. In 2011, this worked out to more than 120 types of beer, so, ergo, this year’s selection should at least be equal but probably greater.

Of course, there will be plenty of food to eat, including “authentic Oktoberfest food,” as well as “an authentic German band” to listen to, which begs the question: What’s an ersatz German band sound like?

View Larger Map The Village at Shirlington
4001 Campbell Ave.
Arlington, Va. 22206

And no, they couldn’t have an authentic Teutonic celebration without charging you for it, a somewhat steep $25. Now, the fee is only required if you want to down your quota of four-ounce samples; no tickets, no samples. So, it’s still free to enter and gawk (and, I’m assuming, spend money on food and normal-sized drinks).

What does that $25 get you? A tasting glass and 10 drink tickets. Additional drinking tickets go for a buck a piece, but you have to purchase them five at a time. Something tells me beer enthusiasts will make out OK.

The site does mention that there will be a limited number of tickets sold at the event. I take that to mean the $25 kind, not the “additional drink” ones.

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Which leads to a needful critique. Why have a special site for Oktoberfest and not fill it with all the details, given that the event is less than five days out? Maybe by the time you read this it’ll have more information.

One detail of import they did list: The party is from noon to 7 p.m., and they’ll cut you off at 6 p.m. (like an hour is going to sober you up). Though, to be fair, and we strive to be, even in our criticisms, their Facebook page did hold a ticket giveaway earlier. So that was nice and proactive, if not exactly informative.

So, if you want to drink some tasty beer and have a good time, make sure you get a designated driver and head on down to Shirlington.

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